Update on my dad

Okay so here is my update, for those who dont know I care for my wonderful Dad, we found it he had incurable lung cancer in about November and he started Chemo in December, the oncologist we saw the first time I didnt like because he told my dad he only had a year to live (or thats what we heard, you know what its like when everything comes at you all at once you only hear the bad bits). We were given a list as long as your arm about side effects of Chemo, so after the first lot of Chemo both of us are waiting for all these side effects to happen........and they didnt in fact the chemo has been fine all through. Dad has developed a clot on his lung which he now has to have daily injections for, which although not ideal is not an issue (since both my mum and my neice were/are diabetics injections are not a problem). We went to see the Oncologist on Friday and Dad has one more dose of Chemo and then no more for a while the cancer seems to be stabilised and now they are going to monitor it and see how it goes, as for the oncologist well he has turned out to be great, so sometimes first dealings with oncologists are not always the way things will pan out. As for Dad he has already planned out his holiday, we have a caravan at Marlborough, so Dad wants to go there in time to see the Bluebells out. I have always loved and admired my Dad, but since all this started my admiration and love has done nothing but increase, to me he is truly amazing he has taken everything thrown at him with such courage (the oncologist said he loves seeing us because we come in with huge smiles on our faces and make him laugh) Dad has always said you take one day at a time, no good thinking about the rest. Thanks to all of you for listening to me and for all the support.

Lots of love


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  • Well done for your dad. Nice to hear good news!

    Hoggy x

  • What a lovely post. How wonderful your dad sounds, and I'm sure he appreciates having such a loving daughter. Xx

  • So glad your dad is so positive my dads stage iv cancer shrank by half after 3 rounds of chemo - stable after another 3 and some radio - unfortunately he doesnt say too much just wants it gone a positive attitude like your dads is great - we find out today whether what they could see last week on the scan is an infection or if its has started to grow!!!!


  • I will keep my fingers crossed hopes and prayers for you Dad.

    Hugs Francesxx

  • Bless you


  • you have a great and wonderful father. nothing beats having a cheerful disposition towards all things. Trust The Lord to see through all storms.


  • Hi your dad has the best attitude towards his cancer, like me I take my cancer with a (pinch of salt so to speak ) and enjoy each day and leave tomorrow for another day, no point in living in a depressive state it won't make it go away. So enjoy what yu have as best as you can.

    Take care Jean x

  • Hello frankiedarv,

    Its good to hear such a positive update on your dads condition, sometimes when you have a diagnosis of lung cancer all the information you are given can be overwhelming and just to much to take in and like you say its only the bad bits which you hear. He sounds as though he has a very positive attitude towards his illness, a trip to see the bluebells in spring will do you all the world of good

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