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Radiotherapy Roulette Update

Hi everyone, just an update on the latest treatment. I thought after 7 or 8 spins of radiotherapy this was going to be easy, but I was too quick. I didn't get any skin burn or rashes, but as the wheel spun round more doses I started to get really tired. Not the total wiped out feeling that I've had from chemo but I felt really fatigued and had difficulty get my head off the pillow some mornings. I also have oesophageal radiation and this is quite painful like really bad trapped wind! And difficulty swallowing food. I have been given an antacid mixture which also numbs the gullet and take it 15 minutes before eating but I'm not finding it really helping, so I'm sticking to eating lots of soft foods etc. the treatments finished on Friday so I'm hoping things will improve this week so I can get out golfing again next week. My next appointment is not for another 9 weeks so I'm going to try and enjoy this treatment free time. Especially as both my children have told me in the past 2 weeks that I am going to be a grandad again next January and February so that will make me focus on keeping going.

Mind you if the weather doesn't improve soon up here in Scottishland I will be heading of to warmer climes for a week or three.

I hope everyone is keeping as well as they can.

Cheers Rab.

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Good Morning Rab

And congratulations on your happy news. Being a grandparent is just the best isn't it and it will give you a very happy focus and goal to aim for.

I hope today finds you a little less fatigued and fingers crossed you are managing to get some good quality sustenance down you in spite of your discomfort. My husband has had to satisfy himself with watching golf on TV as he hasn't been well enough for a number of weeks to go out and play. We did notice the weather in Scotishland was pretty abysmal! Hope it perks up soon for you.

Wishing you a good day

Netty x

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Thanks Netty, yea grandkids are fun. We have 4 at the moment but 2 are in Sydney and 2 in Singapore. At least next year one of them will be born in Aberdeen so we will be able to spoil this one even more.

Cheers for your good wishes and as my grandson in Sydney says '' Grandad today is going to be a good day''

Rab x

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Your due a positive turn on the roulette wheel soon. Congrats on the new family members, hope they are a delight to you.

Sorry to hear about the effects of the radiotherapy. Fatigue can be one of those consequences that really knock people, hopefully the next 9 weeks will give you time to get your strength up.

Soft diet sounds like a good approach, if you haven't had any input from a dietician it might be worth asking at Maggie's in Aberdeen as they may have someone based at the centre,

best wishes


obo Information & support team

Hi Lorraine, I've been slightly better today but I think I'll pop into Maggies this week anyway as I haven't been in for a while and I'll ask about the diet.

Hope you're getting less travel and more time at home,

Cheers Rab.

Hi Robbie

Glad to here the good news theirs nothing like a new born to boast ones joy.

Get your self off to warmer climate, it will do you good recharge your batteries!!!. And all that.

Good to here your copping with the treatment.

Take care jean

Many thanks Jean, I'm just waiting to get over the tiredness and sore gullet, but every day things improve.

Hope you are keeping well.

Regards Rab.

Hi Rab,

I hope things are still improving,and you can manage a round or two soon.Great news about the grandchildren.Best wishes.


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Cheers Stewart, glad you're still NED. How often do get your X-ray or scans these days?


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stewart58 in reply to

Hi Rab,

I have an x-ray every 6 months at the moment,the next one is next month and I will go and see the consultant the same day.I am feeling well so I am hoping the x-ray will be clear. Thanks for asking,best wishes.


Hi Rabbie

Glad you got through your treatment O.k. it's something we have to do isn't it - good or bad. Enjoy the summer if you have any where you are.

Best wishes


Thanks Hoggy,

Hope your getting over your stereotactic treatment okay.


Hi Rab, You enjoy your 9 weeks of freedom. enjoy your golfing. I don't know if you remember me telling you they found a secondary cancer on m y adrenal gland. Well I have had my op and at the moment cancer free. I am seeing the oncologist regarding adjuvant chemotherapy next week. I only hope I can tolerate the chemo this time, as it didn't agree with me when I had the pneumonectomy. Anyway like you I will persevere. You take good care of yourself. xx

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Hi there Jilly, yes I remember saying that I hadn't heard of adrenal cancer. Hope you are not to sore after your op, have they said which chemo you are having this time? If it's Cisplatin then ask for the sister drug Carboplatin, it's not so harsh and just as effective I believe.

Good luck xx

Hi Rabbie, Wonderful news that you are going to have two new grandchildren! I'm new on here, but I've read some of your posts, and wish you well.

My daughter is in her last week of radiotherapy (Edinburgh) and she is having the same problems swallowing. My cousin recommends freezing pineapple juice into ice cubes and then trying to swallow them - it worked for her.

Hope it gets better soon so that you can enjoy your nine weeks before the next round. Might need to join your children abroad to get good weather for your golf though ...

All the best.

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Thanks for the info, but luckily my gullet is starting to heal and I only get occasional pain when eating now, mind you I haven't had my curry yet...

It sounds like your daughter has had radical chemo and radiotherapy so hopefully they can eradicate the cancer or like Janey have surgery to clear out what's left. Tell her to stay strong.


P.S I haven't been fit enough for golf yet but next week is my aim.

Well I really hope the weather is good for when you are ready to get stuck in.

So it didn't take too long for your throat to heal then? That's good. I hope you recover quickly from the tiredness too.

Yes, what we need is for 'treatable' to become 'curable' and then 'cured'. She can't have surgery, but her chances have improved with the chemo and radiotherapy.

Hi Rab

Congratulations! Great news on the impending grandchildren! Very exciting and more to spoil - especially as they will be more local to you!

Hope you are doing okay and glad to hear that your throat is improving - good luck with the curry😀

All the best

Janey xx

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