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Radiotherapy & Chemo together

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Hi (I'm Jenny - the new girl!)

I have just found out that I will be starting 20 daily sessions of radiotherapy with chemo at the beginning and again at the end, I was 'marked up' yesterday I was surprised that the tatoo's were not where the actual tumour is - has anyone had this treatment? I have been told that the side effects can be worse because of the two treatments at the same time? I can't have an operation as the tumour is too close to other structures in the chest. I am slowly coming to terms with things; I am 56 years young and very fit and active, my cancer was discovered whilst having a routine xray for pneumonia and it was only by chance that my Doctor sent me for a CT scan, otherwise I would be none the wiser - no symptoms! I have also been suffering from Anxiety (Panic Attacks) I have just finished an acupuncture course for this and I am taking chinese herbal meds for Anxiety/stress and things are much better.

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Hi Jenny, do you have access to a Specialist Nurse as I feel they would be an invaluable source of information and support to you. S/he would be able to answer many of your questions, and that alone may help with any feelings of stress and anxiety. Please let me know if you are not able to speak to a Specialist Nurse.

Hi Jenny

Beth's absolutely right. I don't think anyone can give as sound advice as a cancer nurse specialist.

Best wishes, Bill


Thanks for both of your comments; yes I have specialist nurses and I am also waiting for appointments with a counsellor and physcologist all arranged by the specialist nurses.

Just wondered if there was anyone out there that has had the same treatment.



Hi Jenny,

ufortunatly no, although you may suffer with side effects etc I am aware that combination therapy does have great results. Hang in there and make sure you have support whilst going through this from the oncology team, I'm assuming they have given you meds to counteract any side effects? Remember too that everyone is different and what happens to one person may not happen to the next.

Wishing you the very best of look with your treatment

Lyn x

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Hi Lyn

Thanks for your comment; I have no meds yet but meet up with the chemo nurse in a week's time, treatment starts 28th May, fingers and just about everything else crossed.

Regards Jenny

Hello Bill

What a shock for you at 44 - glad the tumours have been put to sleep and lets hope they don't wake up for a long time! Sorry to hear that you have a blood clot in your lung, sounds scary! Good for you being positive though, stay active and get that breathing back to normal, thanks for your reply!

Hi Jenny

My Dad had both chemo and radiotherapy as his tumour was in his left lung and inoperable. He found that the radiotherapy was harder than the chemotherapy, but I suppose everyone is different. His tumour reacted really well to the chemotherapy, and he wasn't too ill on it either (we said it was to do with his whiskey drinking, but it's just that some people tolerate it better than others). Once he'd had both these he had to go on another course of chemo as the tumour hadn't gone completely, so he's still undergoing all of this.

Everyone is different and he is proving that the stats dont tell the whole truth. We're 18 months after his initial diagnosis and we weren't sure if that would be the case, but he's still getting through things pretty well (he was putting up a light fitting earlier today!).

I hope you get through your treatment well, and make sure you take all the support you're given

Big hugs

Helen xxx

Hello Helen

Thanks for the reply; glad to hear that your Dad is doing so well! Thanks for the advice and I will take all the help on offer - the bit I am dreading really is not feeling well as I am so well at the moment, but I am a fighter and I am eating everything in sight at the moment trying to bulk myself up a bit!



My mother is constantly feeding my father and telling him to keep his strength up, even if he doesnt feel like eating! If you get to the stage where you dont want to eat ask for some build up shakes as they are high in calories.

The best thing you can do is take each day as it comes and only focus on what is next, thats the best thing I have done.

I really wish you well in all your treatments

Helen xxx

Hi I had the SOCCAR TRIAL IN 2007 after being diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer at the age of 37. the trial was combined chemo and radiotherapy and was really hard going I developed stage 3 oesophagitis (a side effect) and was able to eat only weetabix and cock a leekie soup! but i had a fantastic oncologist I have real faith in him ( and great GP). although it was hard I am really positive, I have alternative treatments such as mistletoe inj and ESSIAC Its 4 and a half years since my treatment and I m feeling great I have my off days but as long as I have more good days than bad thats fine, stay positive eat lots and enjoy each day the best way you can xx lots of hugs xxx

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Hi Many thanks for your honest reply and advice, I start my first radiotherapy this afternoon and first chemo tomorrow morning, thanks for your good wishes!

Hi Jenny, good luck for your treatment try and get as much rest as you can in between, let us know how you get on I will be thinking of you

hi hope its going ok as i will be starting the same treatment next week

i am scared of the side affects

good luck


I have got through the treatment now - my main side effects are/have been nausea, diarrohea, and tiredness, nothing to be scared about; speak to your care team and make sure they give you medication to counteract the side effects, good luck with your treatment. I don't know yet if mine has been successful I have an appointment on 16th August with the Consultant Oncologist! Fingers and just about everything else crossed!

Just wondered how you were doing hope all is well, good luck for clinic next week x

Hi, I am doing ok thanks, my appointment has now been changed to 23rd August - then I presume I will be sent for a scan, then more waiting for results - being positive though! Regards


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