Done with Chemo

Hi all, hope you are keeping as well as can be, I finally had my last dose of chemo yesterday and a 2 hour infusion of magnesium which was low again, my other bloods seem ok at the moment and the red dots covering my legs have almost gone, but boy do I feel rough today more tired than ever before and a little light headed but hey got the chemo over which at times I didn't think I would do it, On Thursday I see the consultant at the chest clinic also have xray and the following Tuesday I have a CT scan so hopefully the results will be good news, I just don't think my body will take going through any more, like most of you have said its tough but doable, for me it was just about doable, I think what makes it worse for us all is the stress of all the appointments we have and the traveling to and fro on top of the treatment but we should be thankful for each day, wishing you all the best

keep smiling

Margaret x

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  • Hi Margaret happy for you now the chemos finished, you've now got to build your strength up and fingers crossed you will have positive results after your scan ! Can only imagine what you've been through, youre such a trooper !

    Take care xxx

  • Thanks Julie you always make me feel better, how are you? I hope you are doing well, sending you very best wishes

    Margaret x

  • Well thats made me feel better knowing I make you feel better haha ! Ive got my first CT scan on Tuesday since my surgery, although im glad to be having it im nervous for the results just as we all are on here, wont have results for 3 weeks though ! lets hope we can enjoy the summer, so thankful to be here and enjoying my grandchildren x

  • Fingers and toes crossed for good scan results, it seems 3 weeks is a long time to wait,and the waiting is the worse, but like you say its good to be here lets hope we get some summer sunshine to enjoy.

  • I am so pleased that you are done with this miserable stuff. It seems that everyone goes through what you are---the very tired feeling. You certainly deserve to take it easy and take time to relax and breathe easy! You get a gold star, my dear. By the way, what were the red dots on your skin? Barbara S.

  • Thanks Barbara, the red dots are signs of low platelets caused by the chemo, the blood transfusions I had seem to have sorted it but if they appear again I will now know what it is.

    Margaret x

  • I'm really pleased to hear you got through the treatment, it's history now.

    Take care of yourself, rest, take it easy and give yourself a little time to recover. I hope your appointments and scans are all positive.


  • Thanks, you take care of yourself

    all the best

    Margaret x

  • Margaret

    Chemo can be an endurance test, well done on coping. Good luck on Thursday, as the guys say now take some time to build up your stamina and recuperate.

    Julie, good luck on Thursday. As you say there is a reassurance in getting results and knowing things are on track. The downside is the "scanxiety" which can be really frustrating whilst you are waiting for the appointment. Hope the news is positive.

    best wishes to all


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

  • Thanks Lorraine im feeling positive and will keep everyone informed. X

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