starting chemo

After a lot of thought Ive decided to go with chemo, start first round Friday 27th March hoping to get rid of any little devils still left after Lobectomy and to smack that one still there in my other lung, wish me luck on this my next journey, thanks to you all for all the support and advise you have given me in the past,

sending best wishes to you all x


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17 Replies

  • Hi Margaret , personally I'm glad you're going for the chemo even if it's only 5-10% chance of risk reduction on reoccurrence . Every body reacts different from the chemo and remember to take the anti nausea tablets before you feel sick. Also drink plenty of water and exercise when you can. Is it carboplatin and vinorolbene that you will be having? Keep us posted.

    Rab x

  • Hi Rabbie, hope you are keeping well, Its Cisplatin and Vinorelbine I will be having 4 cycles, I believe drinking water is important and I do find it difficult drinking water so Ive bought loads of small bottles of flavored water and lots of ice lollys,

    take care

    Margaret x

  • Margaret, I forgot to mention that the Cisplatin gave me Tinnitus so I switched to Carboplatin.

    Good luck Rab

  • Hi rabbie

    Glad to here you are doing ok, I don't come on this blog as often as I know I should to see how you are all doing, but we tent to take things as they come.

    I'm now 2 yrs on aressa now and doing ok, and oncologist is pleased,.

    Best wishes to all

  • Hi Margaret, been thinking about you, how are you doing since your surgery ? Hope the chemos not too bad for you x

  • Hi Julie, How are you? hope life's treating you good, I am feeling better than I did, but suffer from really bad nerve pain some days worse than others, I saw consultant Monday for check up had Xray and he said he was very pleased with me and has no need to see me again and was leaving me in the hands of the oncologist so that must be good (I think) I will keep in touch take care.

    Margaret x

  • Hi margaret sounds like youre doing well, I still get slight nerve pain but not very often, its still early days yet after your surgery but it will improve with time. Hope you get through the chemo without too many side effects, will be thinking of you.

    Take care Julie xxx

  • Hello Margaret,

    By having chemo it gives you another chance to rid yourself of the beast. I also had four rounds of the same chemo about 18 months ago. It is a harsh combination and yes you will have days when you feel crap but it is very doable. One symptom Rabbie forgot to mention is constipation, which in some cases can be severe, so my advice is that if you haven't passed a daily motion then take a dose of of whatever your specialist has prescribed. Do not leave it longer than a day.

    Positive thoughts and hugs. Moni x

  • Hi Moni,

    I will have to watch with the constipation and D as I have IBS and diverticular disease, everyone says its tough but doable, but like we all do is take one day at a time, after all that we have all been through its like another hurdle to get over.

    Thank you for your good wishes and all the best to you.

    Margaret x,

  • Margaret

    Appreciate this can't have been an easy decision but you are stacking the odds in your favour, so that is worth while.

    Nerve pain can take along time to heal post-surgery but make sure your team know if the side effect persists.

    Lots of good suggestions from Moni and Rabbie. Good to hear from you Jules

    best to all,


    on behalf of the information & Support team

  • Margaret, I finished my 4th cycle (same drugs) a little over 6 months ago. I'm glad I took the treatment and am sure I would be regretting it by now If I had not. I can't pretend it was easy, but it was certainly not as bad as I expected.

    I wish you all the best as you go through the next 12 weeks or so. Take all the advice and tablets they give you and I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't hesitate to tell them if you're uncomfortable or have any worries or problems, they will do everything possible to sort things out for you.

    If you don't like it, just think that when it's finished it will soon be a distant memory for you.

    Chin up and best wishes,


  • Thanks DC,

    Your last reply about your journey through chemo and how you coped was a great help and so inspirational, I have printed it off to remind me of all the tips you gave me and that it is doable.

    all the best to you (how is the golf going)

    Margaret x

  • Thanks for your kind words,. Golf great, especially this week as I've been on holiday with my favourite golf partner (Mrs DC) in sunny Perth & Kinross, Scotland.

    I'll be driving home to Yorkshire Friday when you start your treatment, and wish you the best of luck.

  • these foods negate the poisons in the chemotherapy Rosemary, Mistletoe or Reishi Mushroom

    have you tried DCA and all the other treatments that are available here's a start

    remember the reason the chemotherapy drugs don't work are because of the heavy metals in your system, Iodine Organic Sulphur and Boron get these out as well as Retsina Wine 2 ounces with every meal.

  • Thanks Jinni for the link, I have had a read , there is a lot to take in and try to understand but I will have another look, having said that I do hope the chemo does work for me cause this past 2 weeks Ive really been through it, I finished my first cycle on Thursday, besides the usual side effects feeling sick tiredness ect which I expected, I have had really bad stomach pain and cramps, so bad rang oncology unit as my temperature was also low and was advised to go to ER, 6 hours later after chest xray, blood tests which were all ok. They then did a water sample test and I had a infection sent away with 3 days antibiotics, but I cant say I feel any better still suffering with cramps and IBS has flared up with avengeance.

    I have to have a pick line in next Thursday as they are having probs finding veins and I am seeing oncologist on the same day so will mention all this then. wishing you all a happy and peaceful Easter

    take care

    Margaret x

  • Sorry I meant A&E not ER, watching to many TV programmes (lol)

  • Margaret, I'm sorry to hear you have had a bad experience and hope it is soon sorted out for you.

    Best wishes for the next stage, I hope it is easier.


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