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Pembrolizumab/ Keytruda stopped

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Well the oncologist has now stopped my pembrolizumab due to side effects. So I had been on it for about 1 year and had only a couple of side effects the first one in early April last year was bad fluid on the heart and lungs. That was sorted and immunotherapy commenced. Recently I have had immunotherapy colitis was and still on steroids to sort it out. Improving weekly. Just had a CT scan and that's what the decision was made on. There is no visible cancer in my lymph nodes the tumour has not shrunk or grown any more would appear the immunotherapy is managing it. My oncologist is very pleased as am I with the results. So to comnence the immunotherapy may aggravate the already colitis. So everything is looking good I am still here 1 year plus later no apparent cancer only the tumour in my right lung which appears to be inactive!!! PET scan in February to see how things are going. I remain positive and look forward to more years ahead. Immunotherapy is a wonderful alternative to chemo if you are able to have. The oncologist informed me that there is no difference to having 3 treatments to 2 years it is working miracles on lots if lung cancer patients. It continues to work in your body like an immunisation even after treatment has stopped.

So here's hoping he's right though I gave no doubt he is. I have put my faith and trust in him and he hasn't let me down yet.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy Healthy New Year.🥰🥰🥰

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That’s fantastic news for you and your family, my dads on immunotherapy and is doing well started it around Easter time this year and tumour has shrunk in his lung by half so it’s a fantastic outcome so far positive attitude goes a long way xx

I so happy for you Ollie your strong and you can make it I have faith in you. Keep fighting and never give up. Love susiejo1948

Hi Ollie

So pleased to hear the immunotherapy has worked it’s magic. I was stable after initial shrinkage and 10 months after finishing pembro I’m still stable.

Hope you get the colitis sorted quickly.

Take care.x

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and love. This site is so helpful 🥰🥰🥰

Great news xx

Dear Ollie13

Thank you for sharing your news which will be encouraging for others to read. For those that are eligible Immunotherapy has provided some better outcomes.

Hope you keep well and have a special Christmas with your family.

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Great news for you! Hope your colitis clears up soon. Have a lovely Christmas with your family🥰

So pleased to hear your good news. I had to pause, restart and then stop Nivolumab because of two rounds of colitis. But I got 25 sessions and it really controlled my tumour and secondaries. 9 months later the upper chest lymph node secondary growth is my biggest problem. So we have kicked off chemo again. Got to keep pushing it back!!

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