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Long wait for an Endoscopy

Ever since my operation and chemo to get rid of my lung cancer I have had a slight problem at times with swallowing food and a little tightness in my throat. I put this down to all the procedures that I had gone through during the diagnosis stage i.e. bronchoscopy, endoscopy and mediastincoscopy. My consultant at the time had said about having a procedure to check it out, but at that time I had been through enough and she was sure it had nothing to do with the lung cancer, and anyway compared to the various other pains etc. after the operation and chemo it was not as bad.

However as time has gone on this problem has not resolved itself, and in December 2013 I asked my consultant about investigating it and he referred me for an endoscopy. Due to staff shortages at the ARI I have been waiting 20 weeks, and I appreciate that there are urgent(probably cancer related cases) to be seen, it is only thanks to my consultant and GP pushing that I have been given a cancellation appointment for Monday 28th April.

I am pretty sure it is nothing serious but as the weeks went by I started to worry that perhaps things were not a they should be. If it had not been for the long wait I am sure I would not have started to get concerned, probably unduly.

So at least now the long wait is over.

Regards Rab

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Hi Rabbie, good luck for Monday and sending positive hugs for a positive result. Please let us know outcome when known. Moni x


Too long to wait eh?Once you have had cancer its always a thought that any symptoms can be it coming back.Hope all is ok.Try and enjoy your weekend x


Good luck for Monday, sending positive thoughts.


Thinking of you Rab, let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,

Beth on behalf of information and support.


Hi everyone, thanks to all your positive thoughts, hugs and support the result of the endoscopy was also positive. No major problems just some medication to take and try to resolve things. We also found out that I had been marked urgent for this procedure in Dec 2013 and the unit couldn't answer why it took 20 weeks for this appointment to happen.

I will be writing to the local NHS complaints Dept. to ask them to investigate this.

The outcome for me was ok but we don't want anybody else to go through this.

Once again thanks for the support.



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