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Scheduled for SBRT


On Tuesday I am scheduled to begin a new road in this cancer journey. Five years ago I had a lumpectomy for breast cancer and while setting me up for follow up radiation they discovered a mass in my lung which turned out to be adenocarcinoma. Three months after the lumpectomy, I had a left upper lobectomy. Now a new mass is in that same lung. The only treatment options are surgery to remove the rest of the lung or stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Never having had radiation therapy before, I am rather anxious though this seems the best course of action and the radiation oncologist assured me it is quite safe.

Does anyone have experience with this particular form of radiation that they're willing to share? Appreciate any input.

Thank you. Jean

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I m half way through radiation for my right adrenal gland and hilar lymph node. There are 10 sessions. Previously I had my hip radiated in 2016, brain radiated twice (a year apart), and my subcarinal node in 2019. My team is all for radiation to keep me out of pain and have control of the tumors. Any questions, ask away!

JeanE41 in reply to Seaspray298

Thank you. Hope your treatment is going well. I'm to have two weeks with either five or ten treatments. Hoping for five.

Seaspray298 in reply to JeanE41

All of mine have been 2 weeks except for the brain. Hopefully your side effects will be minimal except for a bit of fatigue. After the simulation session, where they map out where they are targeting, the sessions are quick. It takes longer to undress and redress than the treatment!


SBRT causes much less collateral damage than traditional radiation. It’s great that you qualify for this. If the spot they’re radiating is close to the esophagus you may experience some form of esophagitis. Try eating a spoonful of honey after each treatment. It’s high in antioxidants and has been used for millennia to promote healing.

Did they biopsy your new mass to learn if it’s the same cancer? Did you have chemo before?

JeanE41 in reply to Denzie

No. It was decided that it is too dangerous to biopsy. It is right next to the ascending aorta. The presumption is that it is a recurrence of the lung cancer, adenocarcinoma.

JeanE41 in reply to JeanE41

It's in the same place as the first tumor.

JeanE41 in reply to JeanE41

Will remember the honey. Great suggestion.

Hi Jean, I had 5 rounds over 2 weeks of SBRT to my primary lung nodule in January 2019. I didn’t notice any side effects at the time. They did warn me that I could experience chest wall pain in the future because of how close the nodule was to my ribs and brachial plexus. This has been true for me but didn’t happen until 10 months after SBRT. I manage with the occasional Tylenol but ice works best for me when I overdo.

Wishing you all the best. ~Peg

Thank you Peg. I'm glad to hear there are minimal side effects during treatment. Since my incision site and chest tube site hurt at times even after 5 years, one more place more or less won't make much difference. Stay safe. Jean

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