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Hi, I'm new here. I am going crazy trying to find info about exactly how to dose CBD oil for lung cancer. I have x-ray and CT/PET confirmation of 2.5 cm mass at tip of my right lung, am having a needle biopsy tomorrow for diagnosis, but have been told there is 90-96% probability of cancer. Have been turned down for surgery by 2 doctors due to my BMI and inability to walk around much (due to fibromyalgia and bone-on-bone arthritis in knees - they worry about pneumonia in recovery). I've found TONS of 'info' online about CBD and cancer, but no real help in how to use it! I realize it is not a treatment of and by itself, but I want to use it along with whatever TX I end up taking (probably RT). Can anyone recommend dosage?.

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Sorry to hear about your condition. I would consult with your medical providers. Prayers to you

Sorry but I have never heard of this oil going to look it up,

First you'll need to get a Medical Marijuana Card and then visit a dispensary for the products. NOTE:. Please consult with your team before you start, especially if he may go on immunotherapy, some studies found it can lesson the effects of immunotherapy.

I use MM for pain and chemo side effects, but I do not think there are enough studies that show it can help or cure cancer. Personally I don't feel it is curative and actually had progression while using it with Chemo. I stopped during immunotherapy treatment and am now off that but have terrible neuropathy pain, it's starting to help, but I'm in the very early stage of low doses.

Dosing is tricky, I started very slow with edibles and a tincture that's high in CBD low THC. The folks at my dispensary are very helpful.

I will not smoke or vape it with Lung cancer

Best wishes


I agree. There is no set "dosage". It is trial and error. Once you get your card from the dept of health , you can make an appointment with someone at the particular compassion center you plan on going to. They can help you with how to proceed.

Good luck with everything ahead of you

It's also possible that testing could be negative

You sound very anxious. Try not to put the cart before the horse. Try to take each day

Step by step. Best wishes and God bless

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purpleplace has given you the best description of how to go about dosing. There is not enough information yet as to what makes a clinically effective dose. Another problem arises because there are no standards of quality control between manufacturers. There is variation in the strength between them.

If you live in a state where med mj is legal find a

Reputable dispensary, develop a good relationship with the staff and ask lots of questions. Edibles not smokeables.

Medical marijuana does interfere with the effectiveness of some cancer treatments. Check with you health care provider or the manufacturer.

When you have it worked out please let us know what you learned. Others come here looking for the same answers.

Thank you Denzie - I'm very much a newbie, but starting to see a benefit.

My oncology team is also working with me and the other patients who are using it legall in our State. They actually suggested I try it and support me. Not every team will. I've read a lot of information and continue to do so. I feel it's very important to educate yourself and talk to others who knowledgeable and also using it. I would never ever use it looking for it to be a cure. You also need to work with a highly rated dispensary. Mine bus Licensed by my state and has an excellent rating and following. East be very cautious if fake and useless products, I would never by online...and it's not legal to find so even in legal states. By Federal Law it's still illegal and can not be shipped. I'm not even allowed to travel out of State. I'm in route to California, but will have to go to a dispensary when I arrive to purchase what I'll need while there. Even though I'm flying from one legal state to another, it's still not legal.

Be safe, consult with your team and shop wisely, you're putting this in your body, like all products makes sure it's safe. My dispensary grows, bakes and makes all their products on site. It's s very nice, clean an comfortable place. The first one I visited was not nearly as nice and they didn't have a good inventory or well educated staff.

Best wishes...



First, CBD should have no THC in it, thus making it legal almost everywhere. It comes in many forms but the best use is the dropper under the tongue, solvable version, metabolizes faster. For instructions Consumer Reports has several they have done on dosing and use. You can probably pick it up at a wellness store if you have any around you. Also, while there as them what they think is the best one.

As for cancer, the two key benefits are it can have a significant positive effect on neuropathy — as does the CBD ointment. I have spoken to several who have used it, and the main issues is proper dose and duration before it works. Please consult any expert, but I heard it takes two weeks to kick in but has been life changing.

Second, it is used for anxiety. It is supposed to give you a sense of well bring, not a high, no THC involved, but a “takes the edge off” feeling.

So the end result is that us ut highly useful for side effects. I have asked several drs and oncologists and they all poo poo it or mumble about not enough clinical studies...typical. It does work, but like anything you need to tread slowly as you adopt it.

Also, edibles are a bad idea all around; the amount of active chemicals in them is uneven and they take too long too metabolize.

Hope that helps


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DenzieModerator in reply to alman

Thank you for sharing what you know. This is such a new world for all of us. Please continue to share your experience. In my state CVS will be dispensing it. I’m hoping that the pharmacists get some education.

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I see it advertised in a lot of stores now as it is legal. I had heard it was good for nausea, but interesting that it might help anxiety or depression if I understood correctly. That would be good for caregivers too.

Thank you for the information. I recently moved from a legal state and bought the Simmons "real marijuana". My husband is on Opdivo and intuitively I felt it best not to mix the two, so threw it away before we moved out of state. The only side effects he has we have been able to handle easily so far.

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GMC1 in reply to GMC1

I meant Simpson.

I’m taking Rick Simpson oil, which has a high thc level in it. If you are taking something similar, you would need to look up the protocol on how to take, if you are taking it for the “cannabis kills cancer”. I have lung cancer and just started taking this about a month ago, and I have to change my dosage every two weeks. My Dr.’s know I take this, sand they are ok with it. If this is what you are trying to do, I will gladly go over the protocol with you

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phalgal in reply to Palmdalegirl

By "high THC", do you mean high enough to alter your mood (like recreational pot?). I have nothing against that, but dont know if I could handle being "altered" all the time! Yes, is there somewhere I can see the protocol you are using. Thanks.

I have lung cancer and have never heard anything about CBD oil for Lung cancer. I have heard of it being used for colon cancer. In all honesty, LC is the #1killer of all cancers, your tumour is at an operable size and surgery is the best option. I would get a 3rd opinion if I had to. This type of cancer should not be taken lightly as the end result is not the outcome you want.

Yes on many points including seeking a second opinion, but...If the cancer is already stage 4 having metastasized, surgery (recovery) would likely delay the needed immunotherapy and/or chemotherapy, so often the best overall course might not necessarily include surgery. I had such a difficult time understanding and accepting this. But had I begun treatment even days/weeks after I did, i may not have survived. Coming up on my 4 year anniversary of stage 4 nsclc diagnosis. Chemo shrunk the cancer to the point of no evidence of disease from radiological standpoint.

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Hello Phalgal, welcome to our community but sorry you had to join us. I would enjoy speaking with you by phone 650-779-8286 or by email at kparham@lungcancerfoundation.org. Kim Parham

There are several treatments options now even for stage iv so always discuss your case with your medical team as there are so many different variations to lung cancer - the specific type, tumour mutations, genomic mutations within us, other health conditions we may have, our level of fitness to start with and treatments are much more personalised than even 5 years ago. Supplements of many types can interfere with treatments so it is always worth discussing with the medical team as something that can cost a few dollars can jeopardise the effectiveness of treatments costing tens of thousands of dollars. there is good plain English explanations of treatments on Roy Castle lung cancer foundation website and no doubt others, regularly updated by clinicians and reviewed by patient panels for readability. Treatments used by one patient may be totally unsuitable for another - always ask questions of your medical team as you can see from the responses so far, different answers are given. good luck with your treatment. You may find 'anti cancer - a new way of life' book by Dr Servan Schreiber useful in helping modify your lifestyle too.

There are Facebook groups related to cancer along with the oil. One group is called “CKC kills cancer”. They have dosage information, and places where you can get it from. What I feel is the best is RSO, it’s Rick Simpson oil, google it, and you can read how Rick cured his cancer with it, but join the Facebook group, and you will learn a lot.

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