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Time for some SBRT - and for keeping it real


Even after 2.5 years, this 'new normal' still seems surreal.


Maintenance chemo...check.


New chemo plus anti-angiogenesis...check-check.

Drop the chemo and stay with anti-angiogenesis...check.

Stable for 17 months...check-check-and check.

Slight progression...double crap!

I'll get my first of five SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy) treatments tomorrow aimed at the culprit hiding out in scar tissue formally known as The Primary. I'm very grateful that I am eligible for SBRT, we all believe it is quickly and effectively going to do the trick with little risk. But I didn't want progression, even just a little, and I don't want to need radiation or chemo or anything else. Yet, I am grateful for chemo and drugs and radiation and I am thankful to be alive.

This is what 'keeping it real' looks like.

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Peg don't give up there's always hope. You are a very strong woman. You've fought for life and if I know you won't give up. I 'm proud of you. You won't let this get you down. You are a inspiration to others. You are going to be alright. They will stop the progression. You will be around for a lot of years. So fight we'll all fight with you. You'll win this fight and we'll be your very own cheerleaders. Your not going anywhere except to live your life and know you truly beat this monster it's going down and it will stay down. I'll be thinking of you and praying you will be ok. Love Susiejo

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Thank you, SusieJo! You are our biggest cheerleader :)

Many inappropriate curse words are on the tip of my tongue. It’s okay to feel frustrated and angry. You have been through so much already, and I know you will face this with courage. I’m very hopeful about the SBRT. There is much hope in it. I pray this will begin the return of stability again. Hang in there, Peg.

Thanks Jennifer. Yes, I absolutely believe that SBRT is going to be very effective! I was having a moment last night, feeling a bit vulnerable and slightly pissed off. I appreciate the unsaid inappropriate curse words :)

Hey Peg Stay strong and BELIEVE the SBRT is going to work. I just did my CT simulation today and begin the actual SBRT in 11 days as part of my treatment.

Thank you, Joyful (I love your name). I knew when I first heard that SBRT was being considered that it would be very effective. I go back tomorrow for #2 then next week for the final 3. I was unaware until today that it could take up to 6 months before we actually know if it worked. Next scan in 3 months could show increased inflammation/SUV on PET. I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming SBRT! The free tattoos are bonus...too bad we can't choose the design :)

So sorry you are going through this again. Sounds like this treatment plan is very promising. I’m in your corner cheering you on. Praying for the best results.


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Thank you, Judy!

Sending my best hopes, Peg. SBRT has helped so many people. It's interesting that a treatment approach that makes sense to patients - zap those buggers! - it's getting more scientific and clinical validation. May this be successful for you!

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Thanks so much, Anita. I spent a good deal of time researching SBRT for oligoprogressive LC and I'm very hopeful. Wishing you all the best. You are an inspiration to so many!

I hope your first treatment went well. Keep thinking positive thoughts. The SBRT will work.

Every day we wake up, is a good day.

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So true, Katherine! Every day IS a good day.

You go girl!!!!! Say all those unprintable words you want. If my cat could talk I'd be in big trouble. This cancer journey certainly has its ups and downs. You are a very strong woman and will handle this well. Best wishes and lots of hugs for a successful treatment, though the waiting can be a bxxch. Oops, there I go again.


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Thanks, Jean. Not only have I learned new $*%^&*^% words but I now can put them in different and interesting combinations. I appreciate the hugs and wishes.

Thanks for always sharing. I join all the others here in support. I look forward to the good future, the one we all live for.


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Thank you, Rick! I truly appreciate the support.

Oh how I feel the same as you! I had 3 sessions of SBRT in Dec. All I asked was can it be done before Christmas and a week before Christmas done! I suppose I got my Christmas wish, ha, ha! The staff asked me if I wanted to ring the bell....I said no, next time. I will be back. I have another spot that grows 2-3 mm every 3 months so will take the certificate and save the bell for next time. I Happy New Year to all!

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Sounds like a good Christmas wish to me! Here’s a toast for a New Years expectation that SBRT continues to be a good option not only for us but for others as well. 🥂

Hello Peg. I was just thinking of you and hoping you are doing well.

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I appreciate your good thoughts, Joyful. Tomorrow is treatment #4 and I finish on Friday. So far I’ve only experienced some fatigue and a wee bit of nausea. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you💓

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I'm so happy to hear you are doing okay and will be finished on Friday. I am anxious and nervous to get started. I will think of you and your strength and get through it. I will definitely let you know how it's going.

Peg you are in my prayers.

Thank you!

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