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Is this lymphedema?

Hi all

Happy New Year!

In 2004 I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer with lymph node involvement on the right hand side. After lumpectomy, mastectomy I had chemo followed by radiotherapy for 6 weeks. I went back to work shortly after finishing radiotherapy, it proved too soon and I didn't feel good so took another 2/3 mths off. It was now 2005 and I kept getting strange sensation in my left arm, around my bra line and in my left side jaw, teeth, ear. Thinking it was teeth related I kept going to dentist, I had teeth refilled but eventually insisted I have them taken out as pain sensation still occurring?? I thought my left arm was a little bigger than the right so got breast care nurses to measure, it did come up bigger but not enough to consider a sleeve or MLD. In 2008 I opted for reconstruction, a very long major surgery! Both my arms went funny after that and I had immense pain in them and my hands which I could not use. This improved over the days but after this op I noted that it felt as though I still had a blood pressure cuff on my arm, I could feel pressure build and then subside, it still is odd nearly 10 years later! I opted to have all blood tests, jabs and blood pressure taken on the left side because the cancer was on the right but I'm now slowly coming to the conclusion that every time my arm flares is after injections and flu shots! I have what looks like at least two lipomas under left armpit and left trunk where bra sits, it flared again after flu shot. I've been referred to general surgery, appt in Feb. All my left hand side is lumpy and pressure from fingertips under my arm and ribs is very painful.I then thought it might have been lymphedema all along, has anyone else a similar story or any thoughts on this?

Thankyou, Kay x

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Hi Kay - did you get in touch with the the breast unit after your post last month? General surgical clinic are likely to refer you on.

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Oh gosh Lynora I totally forgot I already posted lol! I did ring breast unit who gave me numbers so my GP could refer me, I suggested lymphedema to her and said I'd got a number but she insisted in referring me to general surgeons? I think they'll be referring me to dermatology maybe?? I'd already been to breast unit myself but only thought to mention lump in armpit and not all the other stuff? Oh well that appt is getting nearer. I will try and update (hopefully only once)

Happy New Year!!


Sounds like something is going on with your lymph system but hopefully surgery will help and then ask for referral to lymph clinic!

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Thanks lovesradio I was hoping I'd be referred to my nearest lymphedema centre, perhaps I'll get my referral after seeing general surgery dept


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