Had it gone into my hand????

18 months ago I was diagnosed with Lymphodema in both breasts. Following breast cancer surgery I have no Lymph nodes in my right arm, I've noticed over the last few weeks my right hand has become dry, flaky, and in the gap between my middle and ring finger red and itchy. When I was first diagnosed it was due to having dry flaky skin which resulted in having a biopsy showing I've got excema, not sure at the moment whether to visit GP or get an appointment at my lymph clinic (I'm not due to go until may,) also my left hand is fine.

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  • Get it checked by your GP - it may be nothing, but any skin changes should always be investigated, to rule out infection. Do you moisturise at bed time?

  • Hi Lynora, yes I do, I also have a small tube of dry skin cream which I keep on the coffee table and take to work which I use frequently

  • Perhaps you could apply it in industrial quantities to both arms and chest, as part of a self-lymphatic drainage routine - I do it every other night, while I'm brushing my teeth 😬

  • I have the same on my right hand but it's on every crease and some of them Are poisonous I got cream from the doctor I pop the ones with poison in them with a sterilised needle I will put a picture on later x

  • Liz - please don't pop blisters! It is so dangerous. The content of the blisters is not poisonous. Trying to stop the blisters leaking can be a nightmare.

  • Sounds as though it needs lots of cream throughout the day but probably best to get it checked out xx

  • even if they are on my hand I put a plaster after I have got the poison out I don't have lymphodema in my hands

  • I have an appointment an appointment tomorrow with alan will i let him see it

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