10 months post SAPL surgery.

Yesterday I had my 10 month post op follow up with my surgeon and therapist for my left leg. While my foot and ankle still have a little swelling (which over time will continue to go down) my leg is looking and doing fabulous. I can even see muscle definition occurring The therapist even said i could stop using the double layer nylons on that leg. It is so small now. Yay !! I am also getting ready to move on to do the right leg. I have already bought 4 new pairs of tapered pants in anticipation of both legs being done and much smaller. Love my leg. Love my doctor and therapist. Hopefully early this next year I will have the right leg done. I'm excited!!!

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  • I’m so happy for you! I know exactly how you feel because i have had the same feelings with the changes in my arm after LVA surgery. I hope that easily surgery will become the standard of care and telling our stories will maker that happen!

  • Nice to move forward, is'nt it? I was visiting Wider Foot Shoes last week and caused quite a stir amongst the half dozen customers when I requested a pair of right-foot shoes as I can't wear the left ones due to swelling!

  • Hi Snaomi thanks for sharing your fabulous results and do share photos of you wearing the tapered pants next springtime! Go girl!

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