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Post Sapl suction and doing well


I everyone. Well. It's been awhile since I have updated so I thought I would take time and do it now. So a year ago this month I had Sapl on my right leg and 3 years this past October on my left leg. Right leg was a quicker recovery than left. Between both legs I have lost 30 plus pounds and my energy has increased. My legs aren't the same size but it's not noticeable unless I point it out. I can now wear skinny Jean's and boots which wasn't possible for years. I have not had any bouts with cellulitis for over 3 years now. Yay! I wear my garments everyday religiously. I do not wear at night. I am always checking my legs to make sure they are not getting bigger. I wonder if there will ever come a day when I don't worry about that. This past year seems to have been a challenge with the heat as it does get uncomfortable with garments on in the heat. Thank God for swimming pools. I walk a mile to 3 a day and when weather is warm I get into pool and use my underwater bicycle or treadmill while listening to music. No need to wear garments when in the pool so that is just another plus. In addition, my therapist gave me a form to submit to electric company and I was able to get a reduction in my electric bill since I need to have AC on. I still get fatigued sometimes but I have gotten really good at listening to what my body is saying. I rest when I need to but I am on the go so much more than before. I am blessed to be able to share my experience with others and have had opportunities to point people in the right direction on a few occasions for this disease. I just wanted everone to know that at 1 and 3 years things are still great with my legs/surgeries. I am a candidate for LVA but honestly don't think I want anymore surgeries. Praying for all of us that one day we will have a complete cure for this. Happy holidays to all of you beautiful people and a reminder der to be kind to yourselves. Xoxo

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(Suction Assisted Protein Lipectomy) (just in case anyone asks)

This is fantastic news and gives people hope that there is help ‘out there’.

I hope those boots are sexy! ;)

Snaomi in reply to Lynora

The boots are fabulous.!!! Thank you

Thank you for sharing. I love hearing of changes for the better. I wonder if having LVA would reduce some of the maintenance you need to do. I can really understand not wanting more surgery, I feel the same way, however the amount of injury and the recovery from LVA Is so much lower.

Snaomi in reply to lymphite

I wonder that myself sometimes.

I suspect you don't live in the UK as we would never get offered such treatment?

Snaomi in reply to veriterc

I live in US but we dont get it paid for and really have to search to find a specialist that can do it. We have similar problems in that the lack of treatment and knowledge is ridiculous. And almost non existent. So many people here are just being sent away with no answers or told that it is all in their head as was I. It took me 13 years to get a diagnosis.

veriterc in reply to Snaomi

Well, at least you aren't turned away if you search for informtion. In UK, as NHS realises that it can't cope, instead of talking over options with us, and acknowledging that some of us will scrape up funds, the NHS seems to sneer at 'Dr. Google' and we are let feeling stupid because we dare to search out better options!

Snaomi in reply to veriterc

It took me 14 years and as many doctors to find help. Doctors here are woefully undereducated on the Lymphatic system and dont listen very well. I just got lucky hearing about a seminar and my specialist was speaking at this one. Most doctors said it was in my head or other rude comments. Was told I need to lose weight as the scale showed obese, when in fact all extra weight was my legs.

Fantastic result, thanks so much for sharing this great news xx

Thanks for sharing good news. We desperately need signs there is hope. A lot of people struggle with depression. All the best, and good luck!

Snaomi in reply to Snup

Depression is so real. Lymphedema was the last in many health issues that sent me over the edge in severe depression for about 6 years. The lack of knowledge and insensitive comments by doctors is ridiculous.

I do admire Kathy Bates in the States, and the way she campaigns in a subtle but very effective way to get the Lymphoedema message across. In UK I attended a high level meeting, where a very articulate delegate announced "my GP asked me what Lymphoedema was" - and no-one seemed as horrified as me!

Hi Snaomi. Is this basically liposuction?

I have had very successful liposuction at a fraction of the cost the Lymphadema experts were going to charge me, on the grinds that it’s a special type of liposuction, it really is t that different if you have a practitioner that does it.

May be Sapl is something else?

But I do feel I should let people know about my story.

Best wishes Nel.

Nelbat it is my understanding it is much more specialized as they do not want to do anymore damage to Lymphatic system.

Nelbat. Plus they use a special cannula and then there is the befir and after care which they do as a team approach. My right leg was done slightly different for other medical reasons.

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