Update on SAPL surgery

Hello everyone. Well it is 2 days shy of two weeks since I had my surgery on left leg. While the leg is sore and feels odd, it is nothing unbearable or nothing like what I had conjured up in my mind before doing it. Also feels better with each passing day. I expect the next two weeks to be pretty much done with pain. The strangest thing is to look at my left leg and see it smaller than my right leg. I am 10 pounds lighter and that is still with swelling. So I expect will be a few more pounds lighter when all is said and done. I am hoping the less weight will help with the pain I was having walking prior to surgery. While recovery is a bit of a process, I am thinking it is all going to be worth it. That's it for now.

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  • Wishing you a speedy recovery! Congratulations on getting that far! It'll make a huge difference for you! Gillian xx

  • Thanks Gillian. It helped being able to talk with you in advance. Appreciate it.

  • You're welcome! Xx

  • Great to hear recovery progress you are doing great sure you are over the worst now,wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Really good news. Well done. Onwards and upwards. Best wishes xx

  • Hoping you recover soon and it has been worth it. 😉

  • Please would you tell me a bit more about the operation and whether it was Private or not. I have bilateral lymphoedema from my waist to my toes for two years and the compression garments have not yet been measured correctly causing me more Pain so all in all in two years I've only had three weeks of wearing the garments I'm supposed to wear every day. I'm really interested in an operation but at the Oxford clinic they thought it was going to be about £18,000 when I enquired on the phone. I can't afford that! Very best of luck and wishing you well

    About £18,000 when I enquired on the phone. I can't afford that! Very best of luck and wishing you well


  • Tav1 so sorry to hear of the problems you are having. It was years before I knew what I had and more years before I had therapy. Still wasn't schooled properly and not fitted correctly for years beyond that. In any event, I went to a seminar in 2015 looking for answers. That's when I heard and met the doctor who did my surgery speak on the 3 different surgeries they are having success with. Based off my circumstances for my left leg SAPL was recommended. Suction assisted protein Lipectomy is when the protein no longer moves through the leg and they suction it out. Kind of like liposuction only much more specialized as they do not want to do further damage to lymphatic system.

    Unfortunately it is very costly and insurance does not pay for any of it. The surgeon I went to works out everything with the hospital, anesthesia and all other parties concerned for the best possible cash deal. Still very expensive. Until we get enough proof that the surgeries work insurance will continue to deny. I don't know how much is enough proof as there have Ben many who have had these surgeries now with long term success. I know of a woman who was not able to afford it and she did a GoFund me account and raised the money that way. My husband and I are gathering all supporting documents, pictures ect.. and are going to go try and do battle with medical insurance. Wish us luck.


  • Wishing you a ton full off luck 🍀

  • thank you for all of that information and for your Your kindness in replying. I do wish you a great deal of luck with your medical insurance !

    I have some eyesight problems so I'm not always able to visit the site As often as I would like that I will be thinking of you and sending you all good wishes for your continued recovery x

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery, sounds like it's already a success, great news x

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