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Was doing so well and boom, another step back.


It started January 1 of this year. I hadn't had a panic attack in a very long time. I was eating something and out of no where my good old friend showed its ugly head again.

Since then I've pretty much had every test done you can have(health anxiety) and of course they all are negative and every doctor I've seen including my GP says I'm healthy.

I'm on effexor generic and since Jan 1 I've went from 75mg to 225mg.

In the last 3 weeks The meds kicked in and I was doing really well, little or no anxiety, symptoms ect

2 mornings ago I had thought I lost my phone and I ended up having another attack. Since then I'm back to being paranoid about my health, I have no appetite, I can't sleep a full night and all I want to do is stay home. My brain tells me that the simplest things like doing the dishes could turn catostrophic.

Does any one else have this problem?

My GP says it will go away and to stay on my meds. Its very scary.

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I am sorry your anxiety has come back. Yes, when my anxiety is acting up I can't deal with even the easiest of daily routines. What is important is you seek help. Being on medication is important, but counseling with medication is how to feel better. The chemicals in your brain are off balanced. Our thoughts can affect those chemicals. The right medication helps regulate the chemicals. However, dealing with the underlying reason for the anxiety is done by counseling. Looking into what caused your anxiety to act up again. You mentioned you noticed it when eating food. Were you eating something different? Food can also affect our behavior, there are a lot of unnatural ingredients in food that can affect our brain. Here is an article about anxiety that I think will be helpful. bit.ly/2HerdMR I will be praying for you. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I hope you get the right help you need for your anxiety. Hugs and Blessings!


Sounds like you could use some tools. I can feel great one day, like today, and feel like I've had no progress the next day. The key is to have tools. When you had a panic attack out of the blue and maybe now try staying put. Pull out some paper and start writing something like "This is just panic and panic isn't dangerous it just totally sucks. I've had anxiety and panic before and though this is very disappointing it's back. My heart is beating really fast because I am scared and reacting to something. That's good. That means I'm alive and I won't faint because when my blood pressure goes up because I am nervous I most likely won't faint. Feel my shoulders sink to the floor and relax. Stay here and the panic will pass".

It is AMAZING how it goes away if you stay put and accept it NOT FIGHT IT and flee.

Accepted that you will have some great days and some panic attacks. BE happy you have tools to deal with it.

Calm.com has been great as well as I am off refined sugars and low carbing it as well as I am SLOWLY going off caffeine. Like reducing it 2oz a week so I don't have withdraw symptoms. Also, no caffeine after about 2PM.

Hope something I have mentioned is helpful. You are not alone.

AnxiousAria in reply to Hidden

Yeah I stopped coffee again and most caffeine as well. Only camomil tea and chai lattes for me.

Hidden in reply to AnxiousAria

I'm getting a headache. I know it's normal when reducing caffeine so I assume that's what it is. Or it can be worrying a lot yesterday.

I feel you Cause that’s how I felt.. i was great for a weeks and then had to travel in January and it was worst than ever before. I decided to change therapist and see a CBT therapist. I also decided it’s time to take meds. My doctor recommended Zoloft since it’s safe. So far- so good. I also am trying to medidtate more. I will say good sleep and exercise are also key. It’s a lot of work some times but truly worth it. I am far from being back to normal but the combo of meds, exercise a few times a week and therapy is pretty good.

My doctor also told me to say a mantra “ I am OK now breathe in” then say “ I am OK as I breathe out”during anxiety / panic attacks. Hope this helps. We are all anxious and in this together ❤️

Brifish in reply to AnxiousAria

Thank You for your reply. I have a real problem with negative thoughts and I'm learning how to change my thought pattern. I've been off of work for the last 4 days and I've been dreading going back. I have way to much time to think negatively during my work day and I don't think of work as a safe place. It seems to trigger my anxiety to the point that all I think about is how I'm gonna feel at work. Its litterily making me sick.

I have to teach myself to look at work in a different way, more positive.

Is there something you can do during your work to help you have less downtime to allow negative thoughts to creep in? This book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer - bit.ly/2GgPNgm -really helped me learn to take my thoughts captive and not allow myself to think bad about myself. I also have learned to repeat to myself. I am special. God has made me in His image and He loves me. He has a plan for my life that is unique and different from anyone else's life. He loves you and has that same plan for you. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. If you ever want to pm me, I am here to chat. Hugs and Blessings!

I drive a school bus so there is not much to do other than think. I emailed my GP today asking him if I should wait to see if my venlafaxine dose I upped 4 weeks ago should be working better for the worries and anxiety. I've taken this drug for 10 years and have never had an issue with this much anxiety. I also asked him if I should have a psychiatrist regulate my meds. I've had so many people tell me a psychiatrist is better. I'm not so sure as I have never had a problem with my GP

A psychiatrist is trained more for the mental health. It might be better to work with a psychiatrist. My psychiatrist and therapist together helped me find the underlying reason for my depression and anxiety. Also can you listen to uplifting music while you drive? Are you allowed to have music on? You could make a playlist. I find having music playing keeps my thoughts from going off track. I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music. Like God Will Make a Way by Don Moen. I will continue to pray for you. Please keep in touch. Hugs!

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