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Sharing a Xmas image!

Sharing a Xmas image!

Here is some Xmas images put into one of what goes on in our house!

Salem (cat) enjoyed his presents! hubby & one of our son's enjoying their 'silly box' I do for them every year! it's always full of sweets, chocs & toys/games!! :) they often fight over the contents!! plus a group shot of some of my family that got together at mine Xmas day!

Few of the things we were up to are:

My family were playing cards whilst I was making the tea! We made a gingerbread house at 1am Xmas morning! Playing various dvd games, etc.

& what we were watching Boxing day..........Tim Minchin dvd!

Just a little image to help you all smile even tho' I know we all have our problems, worries & hurdles,

Thinking of you all hugs from Sue x

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Hi sue

lovely pics hon. Hope you all ok n you feeling well.

Love n gentle hugs sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


hi hun, yep I'm ok, hope your ok? see you soon xx


Hi Sue

I doing ok, brain still foggy but body and brain working a bit better so Inr must be rising, was 1.1 on wednesday, increased warfarin up to 9mg, Think will have to get very drunk tomorrow, two halves of shandy should do it!!!!!!!!!

Must get together in New Year!!

Take care gentle hugs love sheens xxxxxxxxxxxx


yep def' :) happy new year to you & your family.....hope your inr behaves now xx


Nice pics. Mary F x


Sue looks like you had a blast !!!!


Yep it was quite a good xmas time this year, sertainly better than last year...I thought I was stuck in Eastenders or something with all the dramatic family problems!!


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