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It's been a long road back, but I'm here now!

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I'd like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and Health, Peace, and Happiness in the New Year! I've been very busy taking care of my husband and handicapped son since January 2017! He's been in and out of hospital several time ! Two bladder cancer surgeries at Memorial Sloan Kettering NYC! His second bladder surgery led to complications! Including bleeding and a heart attack! He was transferred across the streeet to Weil Cornell medical Centre! They were able to do emergency surgery , by putting stents in his heart! I'm very lucky to have had the support of my sister Nanny Lynn and her family and some good friends! I was extremely overwhelmed with all I had to do and went into depression! I'm on meds now and just starting to feel better! Two days ago I came down with a bad flu! Had 103.5 fever and doc put me on several meds! Hopefully by Christmas Day I'll be going to My sister Lynns with my family! I just was able to do what I had to do to take care of my family! Was stuck in house for 6 months! Just running food shopping and local errands! Been exercising my hubby everyday and he now can walk with a walker! My APS is ok! Taking the Lovenox/ Enexoparin shots everyday was best decision me and my Doc Donnelly cud have mad! I am back ! Thank you for all ur concerns Kelly and Kirsten and all of you! Be Healthy in New Year! I look forward to being back! GODSPEED to Y'all

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What an awful time you have had but somehow you have come through it all. I am so pleased to hear your husband is is now up on his feet and able to use the walker to get about. Thank goodness your dear sister was able to give you support to get you through this long journey.

I think after all that I would have sank into a depression to. It has been a long painful journey and it must have sapped every ounce of your energy going back and fourth to the hospital and it didn't stop there it carried on once you got home. On top of all this you now have the flu probably because your so run down.

YOU ARE BACK ! How pleased we all are to hear that you have come out of the other side and your all now on the mend.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family and I wish you all a healthier 2018. Xx

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Hi Deb,

You've had a particular tough year - hope next year beings better health to you and your family.

Big hug to you. Xxxx

Hi Deb!

So happy to hear from you as I have been thinking of you lot of times and wondering how you and your family is coping!

Good that the Lovenox-shots help you with your APS!!

I am so very happy to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2018 and be able to again say GOODSPEED back to you!


Thank you ladies for ur beautiful replies! I am allergic to the flu shot and can't get it! I've had the flu once in my life b4! The only reason I had it once before is because I developed an allergy to the flu shot! Not only did my arm swell and itch, I developed the flu within 2 hours! My doctor was astounded! Said he never saw a reaction like I got! I'm having trouble sleeping due to these awful bodyaches! I'm on Tamiflu and should be better by Christmas Day so I can spend day with my dear sister Lynn and her family! I shall rest a lot tomorrow! It's 6am and I just can't sleeep! I hope Mary and Notsofab are all good! I miss all of you! It's been great hearing from you! I've lost a lot of weight and recently got my appetite back and gained 3 pounds, but with this flu food has no place for me! No appetite again! I look 4ward to new year and plan on getting on some good vitimins my sister has been telling me about! She's very smart and knows what I need to do! It's just I had no energy to do it! Come 2018, I plan on doing just that so my mind and body can feel myself again! I'm almost there just need a boost!!! Lol... I wish y'all the best and of course aDave too and all the others! GODSPEED!!!

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May 2018 bring you and your dear family, health and happiness.

With good wishes,


Thank u so much for ur supportive in put! Love and miss hearing from y'all!!!! Happy Holidays and GODSPEED

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I hope all improves for you soon, wishing you a Merry Christmas with a Happy New Year for 2018 to follow.


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Thx Mary for you positive response! As always ur upbeat

Welcome back. I was wondering where you were. We’re you always on Lovenox? I don’t remember this. Be well! That’s our

Thank you! No warfarin first! Cud never control me in it had to chafe to Lovenox! I'm much better on it! No more headaches! Right now i have the flu! I have a mentally handicapped stepson whom I've taken car of for 38 years and a husband with Alzheimer's and just went thru bout with Bladdder cancer! Cancer gone, but he can hardly walk! I only have one leg! I was bound to get sick! Never had flu! It's horrible! As sick as I am I keep taking care of both my boys! I'm tired, but must do what needs to be done! I'm 64 and my hubby 85! Been overwhelmed with it all, but have come to accept that this is my lot in life and since I've always been a caretaker, it what it's meant to be! Happy Holidays! GODSPEED!!!

Yes I'm trying! Been under doc car and went into deep depression, but meds tuk time to work and I'm back to my positive self! I think! The mornings are the worst, but getting bettter! Thx for ur response! Happy Holidays! GODSPEED!!!

So glagd you are doing better. Your story has made my day! Merry Christmas!

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( that you are back... so sorry it’s been a tough row to hoe. Here we are to help you ! Field hands at the ready, friend!)

Hope 2018 brings better health for you and your family

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