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feeling a little sad.

I just feel stressed all the while! :(

I know I have had a few things going on family wise which has upset me, plus losing my beloved Missy (rat), then Treacle, (bunny) which saddens me lots as I always get very attached to the pets :(

But I have just been to my friend's funeral today.......& it was very sad to lose him, he was 41, (1 week difference in age to me) had spina bifida, but always had a great sense of humour, we lived next door to each other growing up & he loved listening to my music when I played it loud! The crem' was so full of people, it just showed how of an impact he had on people, he was a true inspiration, his mum just looked.....'empty' :(....his Dad was obviously trying to be the strong one :(

Just spent the rest of the afternoon moving hutches/cages around, sweeping shed out etc in the pet section.......then it went dark!

I always go one way or another when fed up.....dont want to do anything except stay in bed...or wont stop cleaning!!

My 'boots up the bum' normally work.......I always tell myself there is always someone else always worse off than I will fight 'the dark cloud away'.

Going to put xmas dec's up at the weekend...perhaps that will help?! not feeling very christmassy right now.....hopefully I will get to see both my Grandchildren this Xmas time as that will make a huge difference :)

Ok...less of the 'been slapped round the face with a wet fish' attitude!......& start being the 'one who has a shoulder for others' one!

I need to stop things getting to me so much, people always think I am a tough cookie ......I usually am....but I also break :(

Love & hugs to you all xx

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Hoping you feel better soon, if we never felt sad or hacked off... there would be nothing to compare the good times with... although I think funerals take it out of you one way or another. Also us toughies... have to let it out somehow sometimes... perspective always comes with me after the first major storm has passed! Mary F x


hi suez - dont have alo of time running late as usual, wish i had a magic wand to take away the pain , but i dont , it probably it would over heat , to much use. got to get on road - long drive - wont be home till 11:00 pm . i will get back to you in am , keep busy [ put your boots on ] and have happy feet for me . jet


Hey hun, chin up if you can. I know its hard and brings things too close to home. Never easy to see anyone close to us go. Just try to remember and refleect on all the great memories you have of him, I am sure there are many!

Hoping you do get to see those babies!!

I wish I could see my new grandbaby on Christmas but going to be impossible with my work schedule. I won't see family probably until mid to late Feb if i am lucky then.


Thanks guys x

I will continue to be the 'tough cookie' that we are Mary! :)

Hope you got back OK Jet & I will put my'happy feet' on! does that mean I have to now have slippers made of feather's?!! :)

I hope you get to see yours before then Kristina :( I will get m smile back on :)

Been taken out for lunch earlier & had a Jamesons coffee....:) it was lovely!! & did the trick!! the drink I mean...the meal was OK!

Finish tidying the pet shed tomorrow, blankets, hay in beds & tidy garden too.....get it ready for winter!

Sue xx


Hi sue, I am so sorry about your friend. You must feel so sad. Also so sorry about your animals. You dont have to always have to put on a brave face hon, we all have to grieve loss. I still grieve my sister who I lost to APS years ago. I grieve for all my animals who I have loved and lost and I grieve for the loss of my good health. Bad days are just that...bad! The good days come,... not because I am tough, they come cause I have the wisdom of a tough life that hasn't killed me yet!

Be kind to yourself, be patient, the good days will come more often before too long. I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you hun, I too lost my sister just after xmas last year :( I keep thinking of her a lot & my other sister I have as she really was very close to her & it is still hitting her really bad :( :(

I will be everyone else I just let things get on top of me too much.

Sue xx


Hi Sue,

I am sorry to hear your news and my thoughts are with you but i know that as you bsay your a tough cookie with or with out your boots lol but we all hear and you can always scream and shout on here!!! before it gets to much



I know, Paddy, cheers,

Thanks to all my Hughie friends, you all mean a lot to me xx


hay suez- does this mean im back on the christmas list , or am i still pending .? you know the naughty one SHHHHHH [ KRISTINA ]. SHE IS STILL ON THE LIST, BUT ITS NOT SANTAS LIST . no smelly sock with oranges and apples for her. she might get a peice of coal, if she is lucky... she has alot of repenting to do. looks like i spend christmas with my cross eyed chicken, althuogh we never saw eye to eye either. gotta go -------------jet


Course you're back on the list :) (Santa told me!!)

or was that those tablets again?!!

Finished all the tidying of the pet shelter yesterday, moving of hutches & cages, emptied pond & refilled it, weeded some of the garden, helped me take my mind off things for a while...think I've pulled something in my neck or a trapped a nerve again :(

Putting xmas decs up later today :)


Hi suzy

sorry you got so much hurt right now. As others have said hang on to the good memories, is ok to grieve, shout, scream whatever helps hon. Us tough hcokkies need to let go sometimes.

Missing you all loads. Hope i still on xmas list, trying to be good, such hard work tho. really sorry not around, internet back on 23rd Dec,

big big gentle hugs to you all love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Love & hugs to you Sheena :)

Let me know if you can come our way before xmas, would love to see would the other girlies!! xx


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