Help with fund raising

Help with fund raising

Hello fellow HSF friends.. As some of you know my husband is doing a sponsored bike ride for HSF next July however sponsorship has dried up atm (prob due to Xmas) so I'm on a mission to help him reach his target so the HSF gets much needed money and he gets to ride stage one of the tour de France... I've made a load of christmasy things to sell but don't know what to charge. This is where you come in.. I've attached a picture of what I've made and would like some suggestions as to what I can charge for Xmas tree Dec's and Xmas cards. Many thanks. Kate and family xxx

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  • Thanks for making these Kate, they look great :) How is Ryan's training going?? It's a monster bike ride ...

    I'm pretty hopeless on pricing things up, but I expect there are a lot more craft and stall goers on here who will be happy to help.


  • His training is going well thanks. We're luck to live in Derbyshire so there plenty of hills for him to practice on.. We've still got to ease another £250 though so I'll be ramping up the begging / persuading after Xmas lol x

  • He'll be needing those practice hills! Yes, it's probably a good idea not to start asking before Christmas ...

    Can you please send me a couple of pictures of the decorations as I'd like to put them in the e-news updates I'm just writing - if that's OK?


  • Sent you pics to Facebook as my email is having a his so fit with me lol. Hope that's OK. K xx

  • All received and copied over OK :) Thank you x

  • Wow they look fantastic!! It is always difficult to know how much...I've struggled before On stalls I've done too in the past.

    Really hope you make the amount & more needed, let us know how you get on xx

  • They look fantastic...

    Do you know how much each one cost to make? You need to cover your costs at least...hopefully double/treble/more them to take in account your time. (include any expenses like 'flea bay' fees or stall rent.)

    And where/how are you selling them? Have a look at what other people are selling things for where you are trying to sell a wealthy area people will pay more than in a poorer one.

    If you are selling somewhere like a local craft fair you can have a look what everyone else is charging...make a big deal they are for charity. You can always reduce the price if something isn't selling.

    Depending on your area (! - here we are safe - most people are more than honest) if you are selling them in a local shop etc with a collection tin (like poppies, the shop is not taking the money) you can make eg a suggested price of £1.25 for something and people will stick in £1.50 or £2 and their spare change too...

    (For a local group I'm involved with we sell quizz sheets etc like this and we always have more money in the tin (and lots of coppers) than no of sheets sold)

    In fact at a coffee morning for Macmillan instead of charging set amounts for coffee/cakes we asked for donations and made a lot more than we were that kind of situation I always err on the side of generosity...and it seems others do too..

    Good Luck!

  • Can you post a link to the sponsorship site - just in case anyone (like me...) haven't sponsored him?

    Your Christmas things look lovely but I'm afraid I have no idea how much you should charge.


  • Thanks for your input so far folks.. Always lovely to get good feedback on my little creations. I'm currently thinking about trying to sell the items on Facebook (cheap way) as struggling to get a table at local Xmas fayres.

    Here's Ryans just giving page with our story RR xxl

    thanks everyone xxx

  • Items are for sale on facebook xxx

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