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Plans for the weekend

Plans for the weekend


Just thought I'd drop a positive blog about life with APS and a Kidney Transplant (almost 9 years ago now!)

So this weekend I am:

Staying at a friend's house tonight. I am taking my dogs and she is going to teach me some yoga / pilates and stretches to improve my overall position. She has been a friend since well before the transplant and is a total rock. She's just back from her honeymoon and we'll go for a walk and BBQ - it's going to be lovely.

On Saturday morning we will probably go for a run/jog in the morning and then I'm going back home and I have a dressage lesson.

After that I am walking with a friend who is very pregnant and we may have an afternoon cream tea.

In the evening I will be off to the pub with some other wonderful and supportive friends to sit in the sunshine with the mutts and soak up the rays (hopefully)

On Sunday I'll go for a run with the doggos and then I am playing in an all day tournament of Stoolball (a cross between rounders and cricket)... Hopefully I'll get a good innings and sleep well.

Finally, weather dependent, I'll be going to the beach bight and early on Monday to beat the crowds... If i dare, I'll be taking a dip in the sean and walking and throwing balls for the dogs...

Can't wait!!

What will you be up to / what is your ideal weekend / what do you most like doing in your spare time?

Take care one and all


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Sounds lovely. It must be great to be able to be so active and so much time with lovely people will be wonderful. Spending time with friends and family is so important to me. I am having breakfast out with hubby visiting my Mum and cooking for the family on Sunday. Two years ago I would not have been able to do this and I am grateful to be so much better. Enjoy your week end.



Thank you for sharing your happy weekend - wasn't the weather glorious!?

Keep smiling



I'm off to a garden show with my mother in law, who greatly needs, ( IMO, not necessarily hers) a break from caregiving.

We have a new locally crafted bewery/ pub which opened last week. I'd love to check them out, but they may be just too busy for an enjoyable evening. IM TOLD THEY'RE GOING TO BREW GLUTEN FREE BEER!!!!!

A bike ride this afternoon, and an abbreviated hike with my trail club tomorrow afternoon, they are going to hike 4 .5 miles. I'm supposed to increase exercise gradually now that I'm 6 days out from my steroid shot. I'm telling myself now that I will turn around where Hemlock Falls trail narrows fron old road to steep single track. But will I really turn around and thus walk only 2 miles? Or will the friendship, the joy of seeing everyone again, the yen to look out from the ridge line, the sound of the wood thrush, all lure me to do the whole 4 miles?

I think we all know the answer to that one.



Hi Gina

Wow - gluten free beer huh?? I can't wait for calorie-free ice cream too!

We went walkiies for miles and miles - it was pure bliss - I imagine you felt the same on the bikes! Did you do the whole trip? I hope you weren't too stiff the next day.

Thank you for sharing your happy weekend. Please continue to share the positive times.



Saadly, a talk with the new brewing company's brewmeiste reveals that GF beer is only on the distant horizen as they have to become reliably profitable enough to invest in the additional, permanantly gluten-free brewing equipment.

And I did not join the Trail Club for their hike -- instead, spurred on by a forecast of unrelenting rain for the coming week, I did some gardenint so that my new tomato plants and flowers can drink up.

Congrats on the walkies!


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