Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with APS last year...its not related to Lupis . Well i had been unable to work as my condition was so un predictable. Long story short we were about 3 months away from loosing our house. I had put through a claim on our mortgage protection insurance. It took 6 months to go through the process...but finally they recognised my condition and will cover the areas and future payments until i can work...(been told this is highly unlikely). The hardest part was being growled at for forms arriving back to them late. Sent in all my discharge from hospital reports and they apologised...I live in western Australia and I feel this is a major breakthrough for people like us with Hughes.....I can now sleep better knowing we wont be on the street. If anyone else has issues with insurance companies message me and I will help where I can. HUGS TO ALL

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  • Big relief to you & what a weight off your mind!!! =D

  • Well done hon, glad you sorted them. Big relief!!!

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Well done you....hope you have some sweet dreams now!!

    Sara xx

  • Well done you, I am more than pleased for you. Mary F x

  • Fantastic news but what a struggle - esp with hughes its that much harder remembering things and writing stuff - so glad you can now rest at night ;-) kx

  • Congrats!

  • super news - especially with insurance. With stress I do find that APS worsens.

    Hope you feel better.

  • Well done I am glad you were able to keep the family hope and I have also been there with insurance drives you nuts

  • Any tips on getting help with mortagage protection. I live in England and was diagnoised with aps about 6 months ago. And my mortagage protection company says it is not on the list of conditions covered. If im unable to return to my job as a nurse, i dont know how myself and my husband will cover the mortage payments.

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