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A few words of inspiration


I thought it would be nice to share some inspirational words I wrote, with you all. Sometimes we get so absorbed in our poor health we don't see what we have.

This year so far I have spent 31 days in hospital, had 60+ medical appointments and a lot of pain!

These are my thoughts:

This year so far I have learnt a very important lesson:

'So long as we find happiness each day, we keep our inner spark alight!'

It may be hard to find at first, because sometimes the situations one is going through make it so... sometimes one needs to make adaptions and look harder - but one can always find happiness.

For example I'd love to walk my dog - I'm unable to. But I'm able to sit on a bench and watch her run and wag her tail - that makes me happy!

I'd love to push my granddaughter's pram - I can't but I can cuddle her and sing her lullabies - that makes me happy!

I've learnt to find happiness by adapting my life. Happiness never leaves us, it just becomes hidden sometimes 😃

After being stuck in a hospital again for another 9 days just opening the window and breathing fresh air made me happy this morning. Look for the little bursts of happiness in your life.

Let's make today, Happiness Day and take note of what makes us happy - wishing you a very happy day because it's there waiting for you and you deserve it as do I 🤗

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Lovely inspiring words - thank you for posting - message here is keep fighting for the best quality of life we can.

Thank you for your positive and inspiring thoughts. You have given me and I'm sure many others happiness too despite having a bad day. I hope that makes you happy in return. We need to look for and be open to good things to improve our quality of life and share them with each other. So, thanks again. Hope you'll soon be dischargedand feel a lot better.

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Thank u. I came home late Weds and am not going in again! Lol 💋

Aww that's so lovely. It made me turn my attention from eating my breakfast and look into the garden to look at its beauty. I smiled☺

Yes it's true we must look deeper and not drown on the surface.

I hope you continue to improve and stay out of hospital.

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Thank you. I'm so glad I brought a burst of happiness to your morning 💋

I'd love to hear all your happiness bursts today.

I'm laying in bed at home this morning listening to the birds looking at the trees feeling comfy.

Later I'm off to the hospital's Warfarin Clinic and looking forward to the views enroute. Not moaning about having to go!

Happy Day to everyone 💋

Lovely words and a lesson to us all to find the little gifts of happiness available to us each day. Thank you

Yes I'm trying after such a horrrnfous year so far to change my attitude. The illnesses are very much there but they r not me.

I am not APS. I'm not Lupus. I'm not any of the other conditions. I have them.

I'm not going to allow them to take away my happiness any more. Each day I'm looking for happiness bursts. Each day, despite pain I am finding them 😃😃😃

Id love it if you joined me. And it would be great if you shared your happiness bursts. 💋

Aloha from Hawaii! Oh dear...that's a real inspiration. ...

Just viewing the sky and clouds...makes me happy!

Brilliant. Do it more and more! 😃

Fantastic attitude and strength and great advice. It is a struggle some days for all of us, especially if there are other problems outside of our illnesses that have to be dealt with. Kids, finances, ailing parents etc...With being tired, in pain and the many lab and Dr's visits, it takes a lot to find that silver lining, but it's always there if you look for it! I practice gratitude every day and feel much happier as a result.

Bless everyone and have the happy day you deserve.!!


Brilliant it sounds like u have read The Secret or watched it. I had a gratitude stone. List it so need a new one. Thanks for reminding me 😃



There isn't anything comparable to have been in a Nazi concentration camp. After WWII, Victor Frankl wrote, "Man's Search for Meaning." He realised that those who survived all found "meaning" in their lives - someone left a "flower" they found outside because it was someone's birthday, is one example.

What you have written is also about the meaning life has for you.

It is important we are all reminded.

May you be well!

With good wishes,


Thank u. It baffles me the strength of the human souls that survived such atrocities. To say they found bursts of happiness is humbling. If they can we surely can 😃


You are a full example of 'cup half full' rather than empty, good on you, I am similar myself with attitudes. Thank you so much for putting this on here and being so thoughtful, big kiss to you X MaryF

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Thank u Mary. I just wanted to remind everyone that even when times are bad, we can't forget to look for happiness. We have to, as Ros says, give meaning to our lives. 😃

Hello from Australia. It is winter here at the moment and it is sitting on a lovely 23 degrees @ 4pm. The fresh air and warmth certainly brighten the day. Take care 😊

Wonderful, enjoy the climate and continue to gain happiness from the little things in life 💋

Thank you for posting your thoughts, they are a good reminder!

You're so right, everything is in how we interpret what happens to us and to the world around us. There is always good to be found, such as a particularly kind nurse, progress in the walk of illness, or even just the discharge itself.

We had prolonged heavy rain last night and I worried about flooding, but it was so beautiful and I told myself not to worry, if flooding happened then we'd deal with it, but to just enjoy the rain, the sounds and life gift of the water.

Big hugs to you! Sorry you are going through so much.

Rain sounds lovely! One day in hospital rain was forecast (it didn't happen) we all threatened to go down and dance in the rain! If it rains - dance in it 😃

See and feel good then it will be! 💋

I've spent 31 days so far this year in hospital and had 60+ appointments but it's not all bad, there were lots of highs!

We had a party to celebrate the NHS 70th Birthday of which I was a part of.

I had a birds eye view of the centenary RAF flyby

I was taken to see a new release film in the hospital cinema.

I received a handshake from the Professor in charge of cardiology at St.Thomas for helping a very ill 33 year old lady who was having up to 4 panic attacks an hour by teaching her meditation/relaxation (they completely stopped in three days)

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Fantastic work with the meditation/ panic attack counsel you helped the 33 year old lady with! What a nice gift- she will use for life and hopefully ( likely) be in a position to share with someone else who needs it some day.

That story was my ,” happy burst “ today! I love stories that have the possibility to continue on like that. The gift that keeps on giving! ❤️

Hi Wendy

I love the words of inspiration at the top of your post, I wish I had had them last year as I actually spent six and a half months in hospital between a May 2017 and Jan 2018, I did manage to stay positive for most of it but there were days when my depression did get the better of me this year so far hasn’t been so bad and I have only been in hospital for 3 weeks so things are looking up I hope they do for you as well.

A big turning point for me was my husband buying me a Boofle I had never heard of this little dog before but he has brought so much fun into our house and lives we have gone Boofle mad, I don’t know if I am allowed to say where to get them from but if you go online and search you will find him straight away xx

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