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Jovithon with me & Sheena!!

Jovithon with me & Sheena!!

Over Friday 13th & Saturday 14th April our Bon Jovi uk were doing a charity event where they played in 2o pubs in the 2 days!!!

It was for a children's charity called Rainbows , it was hard work but so rewarding & we had lots of fun!

I was their photographer for the event!

At the end of Saturday night we visited our Sheena's pub & stayed there....til about 4 am the next morning!!!!

It was great to spend some time with Sheena & have fun with good friends too! :)

The pic' shown is one that was took of my friend Chele, our very own Sheena & me.

We plan on doing another one near Xmas....get some rest ready Sheena! I know I wil!!! :) xx

Here's a link to a video of the show at Sheena's a fellow photographer took that night :)

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Hi suzi

thanks for posting this hon. Jovithon was fantastic fun, hope we raised loads for kids, we certainly had lots of fun. Lovely company. Rest on the cards for later???? I hope!!

Hope you getting some rest hon.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxx

ps I usually look terrible in photo's, actually don't look as knackered as i felt!!! Cheers hon!!!!


great pic s gals- our 3 lovely muskerteers , crusaders of the kids . wonderful job to you all . maybe you could market the photos,as one of you has celebrity status now !!!!!!!!!!. THE WITCHES OF MOIRA DERBYSHIRE????????- WITH OUT THE BROOMS ha ha ya ya--------------- o -well of to the staging job , lets see if i can manage to stay on them today _____________________ uncle benny the critic-------------------- jet


You look luvly hun :)

Can't wait to do it all again!! x

No........... we are the 3 witches of East Midlands :)

Hope you're ok bud :)


My title at the Barley Mow the other pub I ran was chief witch well most of the time anyway, sometimes customers would get mixed up with witch and b####!!!!! I can't think why???

East midlands witches has a nice ring to it.

Be careful jet!! No spills today please!!!

Thanks Suzi, Steph n Teresa commented how good you look!!!! Good at hiding the pain eh?

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Ahhh bless them....make up & drugs always come in handy!!!

Yep I think that'll have to be our title now....Chele agrees :) xx


If you all are going to be witches , then how will i know which witch i am talking to ???????? just so confusing . i think i need a brew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? ill never look at a broom the same way again- or anyone with a funnel type black hat. woooooooooooooooow . im off to see the wizard. me and toetoe---------------------------------------- jet


Fool, off you go jet try find the yellow brick road!!!!!!!!

Not sure if we good or wicked being from the east!?!?

No spills I hope,?!

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


hay Suzy i just watched that link from your friend at Sheenas- wow they say everone has a double, wow there i was ???Jon Bon Benny. i totally missed link 1st time . and the blues brothers YA. now you know what i look like ????? .my cover is blown , there is no hidding now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do you and our Sheena think now--------------------------- the straw man.



I have only just added link yesterday when I got it.



Good morning my witches of east midlands , whats brewing today in your pots?? i have to tell you guys , my roomate Mary , i was reading to her our conversations , and the terms of speach, knickers , knackered , - she now says i get her knackered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have created a monster. she just loves the brit accents as she listens to the Corby radio station on the comp,---- just to funny. my inr sky rocketed 5.3 , my rheumy isnt going to like this at all. last couple of weeks we have been trying to bring it up as i have been around the 1.9 area and now boom ?? i dont need this rite now with the surgury . getting set up !! o well back to my ceiling today ---------------- bouncey benny


Oooo that was a ig change in the inr?!

Whats in the pot??............mmmm........eyes of newt, a few bat wings & if the duck doesn't behave ..... him too!!

Make sure you get that brew & keep well matey :)

Been & done my 1/2 hour at the gym, met friends & family for my ritual costa coffe, then done my having a sit down, catch up on here....then go & feed / clean out pets , do dinner.....then meet the girls for drinkies & chats like we sometimes do on a Tuesday :) you coming Sheena ? :)


Will pop my springer spanial in that pot too if he don't settle down. Crazy puppy.

Would love to suzi but just to knackered. Not recovered from weekend yet.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Aaahhh bless you, hope you feel like ok again soon xx xx


That is awesome! Looks like you had a fab is so nice you can spend time having a "good time"! The band was great in the video! I want to come next time...dang it...only ???? miles to the UK!!


You made me smile!! you'll have to be an over - sea's groupie!! :)


Well ladies you did a cracking job again well done !!!




Thanks Paddy, We raised around £1300 for the charity! :) & Sheena's pub raised the most funds of all pubs too!!

I have an idea brewing too.......of a tribute night in aid of a FEW disorders e.g. Hughes, Fibro', Raynauds, Menieres, Sneddons, Arthritis, Lupus......that sort of thing, as a lot of people wouldn't recognise some of them but would some of them, it may also help raise awareness of the ones they didn't know also get a lot of publicity of the event if I push that too :)

Just an idea I have at the moment for next year! as I have been in contact from others from people to do with the disorders mentioned above & wondering if it may work.


sounds like it could be a fun idea to do maybe do a England tour?? i am happy to throw some ideas around with you if you want

You guys are stars !300 will make a big diffrence to a charity well done



An England tour!!! wow you're thinking big!

We'll have a chat at the London meeting unless you can make it to my meeting on the 28th?


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