3 part videos to go on here soon! plus face book site to join :)

3 part videos to go on here soon! plus face book site to join :)


Yep I'm still up on comp' trying to get these videos done of the Hughes Syndrome meeting earlier in the year!! :O

Iv'e had problems uploading them for around 4 days now!!

I've had to split it up into 3 now & chop bits out of it!!

I'll give Kate a full copy of what I saved onto a disc so she may be able to upload it a better way than I've tried.

Hopefully they will be done by Sunday!! & then I will put them on a post on here for you :)

Also including my face book page I had set up:


where you can feel free to leave posts on too on how you get through your day to show others what its like to have Hughes.....I thought it might be a good idea to use it for that as well as the images, slideshows & videos I put on there.......a way to show others a day to day life of having Hughes?.....what do you think?

Right I'm off to bed soon, so I'll speak to you all again later xx

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  • Hi Suzy what about uploading them to Youtube and then you just post the link? That is what we do with large vids at work. Dx

  • Yep thats what I've done hun, I couldnt have each part any longer than 15 mins so had to cut them down!!! but I've done it & I'm sending Kate the full version for her to use wherever she needs it too.

    Thanks, Sue xx

  • All great news, so pleased Mary F x

  • Thank you for your usual support hun xx

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