Meeting in Staffordshire & gig in Ross on Wye!

Meeting in Staffordshire & gig in Ross on Wye!

Hi to all,

I'm the group leader for the Staffordshire & Derbyshire area & I am thinking of arranging a meeting in Staffordshire in April for all Hughes to come to, chat about symptoms, any ideas they may have for events, fund raising ideas, raising awareness or just to chat about each other in general! :)

Would be nice to get a few of us together to talk & support each other, I've sent this to all that 'are in my area' but if others can make it you know you are all welcome! :)

let me know if you would like to join us & I'll get back to you with the place & day as soon as possible, :)

I will let you know if my piece in the local paper goes in too to raise awareness in the Burton area plus I have contacted several local radio stations & left flyers & my websites cards everywhere I go!! they will be put at the gig I'm at on Sat' too which is by the way in Ross on Wye if theres anyone in that area that would like to meet me.....come to the gig ( which I'll tell you where! when Hubby confirms it! ) & I'll be ( as usual ) the nutty band photographer!!! or if you dont want to come to the gig I could say a quick hi before the band start! : )

Sue. xx

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  • This sounds great. M x

  • sounds like a good idea


  • Hi guys :)

    Hoping it will be :)

    it's always nice to get to know other Hughies & give support to each other!

    There are a few in my area so would LOVE to meet them all!!! :)

    & anyone else that can make it! where I'm thinking of having it is also a Premier could be an idea for others that would like to come to it but have to travel?!

    Link to it :

    Something to think about.....OMG!!! I've just looked at one of the images on the link I've just given you.....& that looks like our landrover on the front!!!! LOL :)

    Sue x

  • a good place for free posting of local events is the coffee shop part of netmums! stick it in there x

  • that kitten --looks like last night in the sleep study , accept the kitten is cute-- and doesnt have a mask on ??????????????????/ snoooozy jet

  • I'll try to find it then Mary! x

    Aaahhh poor jet :( at least you didnt have to shave your beard off! I'm sure you'll be ok soon, I know my friend struggles with his but it doesn't mean you will.

  • Here is a link to the place where the gig is:

  • Hi Sue

    Let me know the details when you have them and I will do my best to attend.



    PS Shame about the gig being so far away as I am a music nut and love live music.

  • Right!....have you heard of a place in Moira called Conkers? :)

  • Hi Sue

    Yes I know where Conkers is.



  • Hi Richard

    Suzi's hubby and band Rockaholic do lots of gigs at conkers and we have great time when we go.

    My fella Al and I run the woodman pub in Moira. Suzi, myself and couple of others getting together here tonight for coffee n chat (or beer n chat) 7 ish.

    Short notice but only just arranged. Usually go Stanhope but coming here cos I feelin a bit rough. You welcome along hun.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxx(the crazy, hughie landlady) Xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Yep feel free to come along & join us!! :) yep they are many name a couple is: Rockaholic & Bon Jovi must come over & watch them some time.......we are also doing a Jovithon in this area too....its where we go round 10 pubs each night over 2 days!! we are ending up in Sheenas pub at the end of the Sat' night!!! I will keep you posted on the dates...when I remember!! :)

    Hugs Sheena, see you in a bit hun xx

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