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Facebook page

Facebook page

Hi all, I have just launched a face book page which as well as shows my photography on it............. it also has information & links to Hughes Syndrome / Foundation on it too :)

I wanted to start one for my photography ready for when I hopefully start my own business next I thought why not kill two birds with one stone! they say!!!! ( no not you Honey & Mumble!! ) :)

So for any of you who may have facebook, type in : 'Sue's Art & Photography supports Hughes Syndrome' in facebook & hopefully it will take you to my page.

In there I will be putting any interviews / stalls / meetings / write up's / etc concerning Hughes / ...........

I'm trying to think of every way possible to keep this well I'll try the flow of technology & facebook now as well!!!

Hugs to you all....I said I was still here!!......I'm on my way back now hopefully stronger than ever ........yes I'm still chasing MP's!!! :) :)


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Great, I am also chasing MP's today and a few other useful people. Good on you., Mary F x


Well Done Suzy :-)


Hi suzy

Great one hon will have a nosy after been on here.

Glad you fighting back, hope you really feeling better.

Love the pic, they always make me smile?

Love n gentle hugs xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Thank you ladies :) I'm trying to figh back too? glad you like the pic'! they follow me everywhere!!! xxxxxxxx


Hi hon,

They follow you cos you're there mummy!

One day at a time hon, I'm just so tired, chest infection back, inr was up above 5 now back down at 2, no wonder ive been talking gibberish for days, oh well nothing new there hey??

Hope you're taking little steps and staying away from that fence panel with your name on it!!

Doing ok hon, tough folks us sludge bloods!

Love n hugs Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


yes we are :) you make yourself ok hun, yes I'm staying away from fence a lovely bi bruise on my leg but dont know where from this time?? wasn't a fence panel anyway!!

I'll try to give you a bell tomorrow if your available? :)

Take care xxxx


Hi hon

Should be about in the afternoon, got lipid clinic at burton hospital in the morning. Annual cholesterol check with the mad professor!! He's lovely but so eccentric he makes my dad seem sane!! Ooops sorry dad!! :-) :-) :-)

The prof at Burton is the one who says my bloods and symptoms add up to lupus too, he likes to ask a million questions and I struggle to keep up with him, taking some info on Hughes with me, might keep him quiet for a bit! Lol.

Gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Good luck at hos' with him keep him on his toes gall! I'll give you a bell in afternoon then hun unless you pop in for drink!!

Hugs hun, have a good sleep ready for tomorrow :) xx


Been putting posters up on my travels.

Well done Suzy.




I have tried to find you on Facebook but no luck. Anyone got any advice?



I can't find you either, you sure the page is public.Can you send me an invite Tracy Jallow Hutchison Im the only one I think.Anyone else that would like to be friends just send me an invite and say you are from here.


Hi I'll look into that then in a month'? I'm sure it's public? On my phone I noticed it was not under people but under pages?!?? X


What a great idea to use facebook. i have found the page and "liked" it this morning. xx


Thank you glitterwitch!! :) I'll invite anyone that leaves me their facebook can do it by p.m. if you prefer :) let me know if you can get in! I'm there as a 'guest''ll recognise 'my eye' !!!!! :)

Thank you Garry for putting my posters out matey :)


Hi all,

Suzy great page there is also two other face book pages one is the hsf page and another is a group set up which was connected to the aplsuk but joined to this when that site merged cannot find links but will put them up tomorrow.

But well done



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