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Is anyone here a DES daughter/son or did anyone take DES while pregnant??

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) is a synthetic estrogen that was developed to supplement a woman's natural estrogen production. First prescribed by physicians in 1938 for women who experienced miscarriages or premature deliveries, DES was originally considered effective and safe for both the pregnant woman and the developing baby.

DES was taken off the market in 1971. My mom took DES while carrying me. It increases some cancer risks and potential problems in pregnancies.

I am just curious is anyone else here had taken DES or is a DES daughter or son?

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I havent read anything that states there is an increased risk for autoimmune disease. I am looking for similarities I guess.



Hi there

I would answer a no from me




Hi hon

no not one I've heard of sorry.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Yes, my mother took DES. I have been on the Mayo Clinic's study program in Rochester Minnesota, the 2nd patient to join this group in 1974. I had cancer of the cervix in 1974 they did a wedge resction of my cervix as they wanted to allow me to at least try for a child. My only son was born at 36 wks in 1977.

I felt lucky to just have had 1 child. I was then told to have a tubal ligation, which I did. There are all of studies out there now and it is quite interesting. I was diagnosed with APS in 1995, don't know if DES had anything to do with it but I have always thought it might. I live in Burlington, NC now.

Thank for the question!!!


Isn't estrogen suspected of encouraging lupus? I have to shrug my shoulders on this one. Some members of my family (I'm the youngest) say Mother took DES with me, others (including Mom) say not. I can say that on my Mother's Mother's side of the family (Irish) the women all were cursed with horrible dysmenorhea, relative wrinkle-free faces lasting way into old age, and a tendency to miscarry boys and deliver only girls.


I'm a 63 year old DES daughter. From my 1st period at 9 years old I have had numerous problems, hospitalizations, surgeries and five miscarriages and no live births (we adopted).


I'm a girl child of DES. Mother took DES to prevent miscarriages. Was born 1958 with undeveloped spine (still got a small tail bone ~ outtie not an innie.) Small urethra had to be operated on at three years old. This was not a problem until fifty two years later when after a mini stroke, was catheterized for six months. Have survived breast cancer fifteen years back, diabetes side effect caused by chemo. Miscarried three times. Afterwards fallopian tubes non existant. Hey but I am here, and loving life.


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