? Is anyone taking Rivoraxaban or xarelto

I was on Clexane 60 mg twice a day by prof Hughes. I am switching to Rivoraxaban or Xarelto 10 mg tabs. I am curious what dosages other patients are taking. I have taken it only once but I don't think it is stron enough. Unfortunately my hematologist does not have a lot of information for this drug & APS syndrome. Anyone Designer 16

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  • Hi, I was also on Clexane, 18 months ago changed to Xarelto 20mg. No problems and APS symptoms under control. Good luck.

  • 10 mg is the dose required to prevent clots after hip and knee surgery, 20 mg is for treating DVT and PE - check with your Dr

  • That drug is not yet licensed for APS treatment and is still under going trials. Unless your Doctor is a specialist APS Doctor I would suggest you find one before making the switch.

  • I take Rivaroxaban 20mg daily (1 @ night) and 100 mg aspirin. Was on 80mg Clexane before switching nearly a year ago. So far no problems.

  • I just started zarelto a month ago 15mg's. went to the Hematologist and she is upping me to 20mg's. She did not want to start me out out on the higher dosage because I have kidney disease, but my creatnine has gone down since on this medication. I seem to be doing fine with it so far.

  • Hi

    I started on rivaroxaban on 2nd April - 20mg at 6am with also 150mg pregabalin for Fibromyalga (???) Only side effect is can sleep flat out for 4 hours - !!! But in last 8 months I could sleep all day regardless - I am totally exhausted

  • I took fibromyalgia a few years ago. It made me very nervous. I know nerve medicine really mess with sleeping. My friends mom also had problems with sleep. I would talk to your doctor. Designer16

  • I understand that you have difficulties with your medicin. You live in the US and Prof Hughes in England. He has prescribed Clexane earlier but it costs a fortune to get your drug in USA. Now you have just started Rivaroxaban 10 mg.

    Try as APsnotFab and Mary also had said earlier to get an APS-Specialist in your country if it is possible. You are allergic to some medicins and you are also talking of Fibromyalgia. You need an Expert!

    I understand it is not easy but the new drug Rivaroxaban are not even licened for APS. Do you have had arterial or venous clots?

    I feel sorry for you as I understand that you have a difficult situation. Hope you find your own APS-Specialist to talk to. You are a real fighter I think!

    Kerstin in Stockholm Good Luck!

  • Hi

    I am not taking fibromyalgia, I took it once several years ago before I saw Prof Hughes. I have tried to find a APS specialist in my area & it has proven to be a lost cause. I do have a hematologist monitoring me. I have been taking the xarelto for 3 days & seem to be OK. I have had a pulmonary embolism years ago & no new clots. I have a lot of neurological symptoms which are improving. I see prof Hughes 24 April & see what he says.

    Thank you


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