Did you know there is a multi vitamin on the market that is K free?

I have no idea if it's a good idea or not to take. I'm going to run it be a friend first who's a registered dietitian who works in hospitals with Coumadin patients. (Her husband is our family veterinarian for our kitty cat and lab!)

I'll let you know... but it is interesting...

I realize I couldn't post the name just after I posted the pic and name... I edited it. Sorry.

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  • Oh wait... I think I can't share this because it has a brand name on it. ? I deleted photo... sorry...

  • I get it from Instant Breakfast and Multi Vitamin -I also put my Opioid const. med with it in the morning - I have been posting it for quite a while , because i kelly have never been good with my PT/INR since my Dia. Sept 1 2009 . You haven't seen my posts on this - I don't eat anything that has high Vit K value -

  • No, I haven't seen your posts re this. This is a capsule. I don't take any instant breakfasts because if of high or artificial sugars.

    But I'm glad you found something. Since this is a response- not a post- maybe it won't be an offense to share the info. it's called K free daily. Manufactured in USA and distributed out of Phoenix. There is a website www. KFreeDaily.com

    I haven't tried it/ may be a silly gimmick. I usually am against vitamins in general- I think if you eat well- not necessary but in the hospital I was dangerously low in potassium. (?)

    Maybe admins won't catch it and delete it if you write it down quick! Lol!!!! ( sorry administrators! Love you! ❤️😂)

  • You could always PM something like that . Thank You . One of my medical alerts ,actually both of them come from a place in Texas.My one that is stainless steel dog tag necklace , and has 2 or 3 gigabytes of capability . and you can plug it into anything --needs NO medical program and i list all 27 disorders i have - Doctor's - emergency contact numbers - 13 different Meds i am on {accept quantities } they change all the times , and i also have a dog tag , stainless. my hemo years ago wanted me on a pill form so you get the exact amount every time as it is important.I need some of the Vitamins in the breakfast for my eye's , i have them tested every year now , it was every 6 months because of the Hydroxy.it has been working well also my breakfast eating habits are horrible.My INR is so wacky i can go from a 2.4 on Tues. to a 9.2 on Friday - -I also have gotten DVT in left leg in less than 8 hours when i had my foot rot !!! why don't you PM me and we can discuss that further . The PCP i had at that time was a complete idiot .He was asked twice and never did nothing so I had it out with him and needless to say he no longer deals with a lot of the patients there .Give a PM a try - am not sure how to do it , i have done it before but i am having Brain Cramps HA HA ..Great info for the people out there because our bodies do need Vit . -K .

  • I will soon. Foot rot. Hmmmm. That does not sound fun. Now, you are Jim. With Casey, your right hand partner in crime , right? In New Hampshire?You have a Rav 4, you had to drive to a town about 50 miles away to retrieve your records. and you call a shower a rain room!

    These are the things I remember about you off the top of my head!

    How am I doing?

  • Kelly - we don't miss anything.....we are everywhere... 😳👁👀

  • That's because we can behave like sneaky teenagers!

  • You mean the ones that think they are really clever?

  • Yes, but apparently I fail in that category!

  • I a sure you will find something, but be careful adding anything new in, as it could effect your INR etc, run it past your main doctor. MaryF

  • Ah, darn it. Busted...

  • You guys are quick!

  • You made me laugh!!

    Although maybe check it out with a doctor before posting? Some may read it as approved, it may not be compatible with our disease or drugs.

  • Good idea. I'll do that first!

  • Yeah. That's why I'm going to have my registered dietitian look at this. I'm wary.

  • Yes, and run it by main doctor. That, too.

  • I take CVS vitamin gummies- no V K. ( but be advised; CVS has a # of formulations)

  • 🤐😇😂

    I will check very carefully!

    ( I'm highly allergic to any artificial sugars. Induces) instant seizures. Such a hassle in public places... "clean up on aisle 4...")

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