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Aorta valve replacement

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It is getting closer to when I'll have to get my aorta valve replaced. Besides having my hematologist draw up a bridging plan, is there anything else that I need to do to prevent from throwing a blood clot when I am off my Coumadin 6 days prior to surgery. I am confident that the surgery will be successful but concern that I will throw a blood clot some time after surgery, such as when I'm driving on the highway. I had a major stroke in 1992 and had complete recovery and have been on Coumadin ever since. That is how it was discovered that I had APS. Is there anyone out here who has had heart surgery successfully.

5 Replies
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Why must you stop the coumadin 6 days prior? That seems a bit extreme. Cindy

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msins in reply to Wittycjt

That is what dr said

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Maybe you need to ask why?

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Hi, yes the warfarin needs to be stopped but usually a bridging plan (heperin injections) is put in place before/after any surgery.

You need to discuss this with your surgeon and your APS specialist, let them know of your concerns.

Wishing you well with your surgery.

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I wanted to echo what Holly said. I had my mitral valve replaced in 2006 after a complication that happened during the first attempt in 2005 - that's how I found out about my APS. Whenever I've had surgery of any kind, the protocol has been the same: 5 days prior stop taking Coumadin and switch to Lovenox injections twice a day, the night before the procedure hold all anticoagulants. Restart anticoagulation when your hematologist and surgeon decide it's safe. Restart w/ both Coumadin and Lovenox injections until in a therapeutic range. Best of luck!

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