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How many of you indulge intaking multiple vitamins & other supplements. I find that what I am taking really helps. I don't want to onstantly be asking my doctor for meds when I really don't wnat to take presciptions unless necessary, like my coumadin and things for high blood pressure. I just would love to know if any of you go this route? Thanks!

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  • Other than Warfarin (aka Coumadin), the only thing I take regularly is a multivitamin. I try to stay away from everything else but have, on occasion, resorted to using an Ibuprophen or an antibiotic. I figure years of taking Warfarin is enough for my system to handle without adding other meds on top of it.

  • My Doctor said being on Coumadin, I should avoid taking vitamins, supplements, fish oil.. I guess I didn't ask why.

  • That's a great question and I look forward to hearing from others. I take a multi- v, vit D, some magnesium only when I experience RLS, B-12 and some vit c too.

  • hi -77---- i take a multi vitamin once a day- hemo is thinking in terms of a vitamin K supplament- to avoid osteoporosis-- this i wont start till my warfarin is settled as i just made the transition back from enoxaparin-- now maybe even a warfarin clinic ???? also i take 1500 mls of niacin a day.-------------------------------------- jet

  • I take a multivitamin --one without K or iron --osteo Biflex and salmon oil. Yes the salmon oil thins the blood but as long as I take the same amount every day my INR stays consistent.


  • Hi I wouuldn't take Ibruprofen it contains Asprin

    I take Paracetamol along with a whole load of other drugs that I couldn't to without

    Karen xx

  • I am only aspirin twice a day, but in terms of APS and all my other conditions I take a wide range of supplements, a mix of fish/flax and evening primrose oil, lysine and ester c, green tea extract co q10, turmeric, magnesium and cranberry caps x

  • I take, 1- multi 50+ vitamin, 1- 500mg vitamin C, 1- 2000iu vitamin D3 and 3- 1200mg- 360mg omega-3 fish oil pills daily, 1 in the mornning and 2 in the evening with my warfarin. Been taking this since 2009, Does this help? I don't know one way or the other but I guess it dont hurt. The doctor knows, he is the one who told me to start on the fish oil...Take Care Don

  • As far as vitimins and supplements go, my MD just removed a multivitamin stating that there has been testing revealing our bodies actually forget how to extract natural vitamins and minerals from natural food. Much like the antibiotics we took so much of in the 50's. Many patients are now immune to their effects. (I am one who was overprescribed and/or was allergic to most antibiotics) The only supplement I am taking is a trial of CQ10 for chronic long muscle pain. Three weeks into this trial and I do not see much difference, but I don't think it is a fair trial given the heat wave. I will complete the 3 month trial as I am very hopeful it can decrease bone and muscle pain. I am also a lover of camomile tea which of all homeopathic medicines works wonderfully on me for sleep. The rest of my regimen are prescribed medications (inluding one 325 mg. aspirin per day) for various diagnoses and the permanent effects of a stroke I had about 12 years ago. Also, opiates and medical marijuana under MD supervision for acute pain.

  • Ok, I am the one who started this whole thing, so let me finally put my 2 cents in to the pot.

    I take the following: Warfin 5mg every day, Ropinirole .25 mg twice a day, Bisoprl/HCTZ 6.25 mg once a day, Amlodipine 5mg once a day, Imipramine 50 mg, 3 at a time. Those are all prescription medications. My supplements are: Iron 28 mg i daily, Cholorella 25mg 3 at a time, Vitamin D3 5000iu 2 daily, Acai 3000mg 2 daily, Cinnamon 2000mg 3 daily, Krill Oil 1085 mg 2 daily ( this one I alter with Fish oil of 1200 per day, doctor said it was a good way to do it), Coconut Oil 1000mg 3 daily, Pure Super Green Coffee Extract 800mg 1 before every meal, Probiotic Acidophilus 3billion live cells per capsule 2 daily, Vitamin C 1000mg 1 daily, Cranberry 12,600 mg 2 daily,Reseveratrol 100 mg 2 daily, Turmeric Curcumin 500 mg 3 daily, Rasberry Ketones 100 mg 2 daily, Folic Acid 400mcg 1 daily, CoQ-10 100mg 2 daily, & Biotin 7500mcg 2 daily. Now I know this is a lot but I really do feel better since 1995. All of these are also all Organic supplements. Any questions jusy let me know. Thank you to all of you for adding so many comments to this question. I appreciate it!!!

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