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Plastic surgery


15 years ago I had a breast augmentation.

I had never even heard of Hughes back then or worried about my health. I was young healthy etc.

I am now petrified as I know my implants need to be replaced ( they only have a certain shelf life). Has anyone on here had a surgical procedure done?

I know it shouldn’t be a huge issue but I want a surgeon that understands my illness and will keep me safe. I have spoken it over with my specialist who can control my heparin pre and post surgery but I would still like others experiences, surgeons used etc??

Thank you

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Many of us have Hughies have had surgeries. Usually, wre “bridged” from our usual anticoagulant to one with a very short half life; that way our blood is kept at a surgery -safe thicker level for only the hours of surgery. Then we bridge back to our usual meds. Again, many of us have done this with no complications.

Good luck.

I’ve had three surgeries in the past year, one being a breast implant exchange (replacing 26-year old implants with new ones).

My surgeon gave me a shot of heparin right before the surgery. I had no issues with any of the surgeries.

Everyone is different and I do think it best to have a specific conversation with the surgeon so that you both feel comfortable and not worried.

Best of luck!


Your main consultant and Haematologist will understand that bridging needs to go on, and monitoring of your condition, please do not worry it is a regular question on here. MaryF

Speak with your specialist and have him explain what his plan is and how it is going to be accomplished... will he be managing the anti coagulation with your surgeon or will he only be “guiding” the surgeon in other words who will be writing the directives and when?

I remember being told “don’t worry we will take care of the bridging” and I didn’t see my hematologist ( at that time, have since fired him) until just before going to the OR, meanwhile I was in a panic with worry.

The stress before surgery may be avoided if you ask this before going to the hospital.

Best of luck, let us know how it goes, Cindy

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