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Bridging Protocol-Surgery

Bridging protocol for my Surgery, I finally got my Plan should I say and it will go as follows

11/5 Sat. -5 Last dose of Warfarin

11/6 Sun. -4 No Warfarin ,No Enoxaparin .

11/7 Mon. -3 80 mg, Enox SQ injection twice daily

11/8 Tues. -2 80 mg Enox , SQ injections twice daily Test INR

11/9 Weds. -1 80 mg Enox , DQ injections , SQ injections morning only . This is the last dose of Enox before surgery and should be administered not less than 24 hours before the procedure

Day "0" Day of procedure /surgery { Nov. 10 } TAKE no Enox or Warfarin


Post Procedure 80 mg Enox SQ and resume previous out patient dose of warfarin not less than 8-12 hours after procedure.

Now people i will still be in the hospital at this point as my stay here is set for 4 to 7 days . Then home and on my back for when ever my therapist feels good with . I will start Therapy in the hospital BUT last couple of surgeries they were different .

So also last two surgeries they Tested my INR last couple of days prior to Surgery so i don't know if that wil change . The havn't answered me on what med's i will continue and which wil stop and when . I like to bring my own meds so as to not have a problem with my blood and how i feel when the Manufactures have been changed , this has been a problem with me .

So there it is for those whom in the past have asked about bridging and Warfarin .

Here if anyone has a question that i can answer at this time anyways .

C & J

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Wow, great detail, wishing you all the best, keep in touch, I hope it all goes well for you. MaryF


Thanks - i still have so much work to do - this is my birth month so Car registration and state inspection.This along with everything else needs to get done before the 9 th !!I have a list of 10 very important things- i have yet to get a response from 5 of my heavy hitters. so this is going to be a huge problem . last surgery they waited till the last couple of days pre -op -- That won't work this time so we will see -- just crazy and is keeping me on edge.The nurse at my PCP's office is trying very hard to assist with some of these problems because they are in charge of my warfarin and INR, but also have to follow the protocol set by Hemo .So i can let you people know just how that pans out.

Thanks for your kind words and support that i always get from you veteran administrators and others that saw me thru my first and second surgeries . Casey and I :-)


I also hope every day will go just fine.

I will be thinking of you!

Hugs to Casey also from Kerstin


Best of care and may you finally get all questions answered so you will not continue to worry. Bless you and be safe in their care💕


we people this morning had a real bad stomach pain --my pain meds wouldn't even begin to stop or ease the pain , i was doubled right over -called 3 Dc's and surgeon said if it happens again i will have to go into emergency surgery not ready for that yet - hopes of making it to Thurs. so much to do still because of the recoup time just not ready yet


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