What causes severe stomach pain? Upper right quadrant under right breast?

Hi I am APS anti cardolipin positive on low dose aspirin. I have terrible stomach issues and don't know the root cause. In May had a large duodenal ulcer. It was healed with medication in 5 weeks. After a colonoscopy and endoscopy they found more polyps which is not unusual for me. But they now found Barrett's esophagus which is eroding my esophagus from acid in stomach coming up esophagus from silent GERD. get hoarse every afternoon from the GERD. I am also hypo thyroid take 50 mcg of synthroid and 5 mcg liothorine. Last thyroid numbers very good. I have bloating gas red spots on my stomach. Can't take aspirin for APS because of my stomach. On medication for acid. Protonix. I don't understand why I have so much acid. Drs are missing something. No gall stones. Blood tests ok thyroid ok. Any ideas what could be causing this? Also history of breast cancer double mastectomy in 2002. Thanks for listening. Just don't know where to look. I'm on all of the supplements to support thyroid and regular health. I'm a 67 Year old female from Long Island New York USA.

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  • Aspirin would be my best guess for causing tummy issues but I'm not sure if you've stopped taking it or are still on it? Are you taking anything for APS? Also is it buffered aspirin ie enteric coated so it causes less tummy problems.

  • Was on aspirin for APS. had to stop because of stomach issues. Don't understand why stomach is so much worse. Thanks for your reply.

  • Bad gall bladders don’t always show up on standard testing. It took a hida scan—some test where they give you an IV medication to cause gall bladder to contract—that made my poorly functioning gall bladder show up. My symptoms were nausea, vomiting, and pain in back between shoulder blades but I think pain can show up elsewhere.

    You are more likely to have a bad gall bladder if your mother had a bad gall bladder.

    Good luck.

    Nancy in West Virginia.

  • Thanks for your reply. Did you have your gall bladder removed? I'm better off if I don't eat period lol. That's not an option though.

  • Yes, my gall bladder was removed. Within 24 hours I felt better. It was removed endoscopically with two tiny incisions.

    Hope they can figure out your problem.

  • Thanks for your reply. Sure hope they figure it out

  • They say fair fat and forty is a precursor, does any of this fit you? I had my gab removed after intense pain and yellow vomiting bile. It was sharp, quick stabs- hurt like the dickens. I also had mine removed by scope, two incisions then some steri strips( like butterfly bandaids) felt so much better there after. Best of intentions, Cindy in NJ

  • Well I am 67. I am not fat but have some extra weight around my middle since my thyroid slowed. Sometimes pain is intense sometimes it's just bad but it's always there. Thanks for your reply

  • You sound just like me! I had Barrett’s as well and struggled with stomach ulcers and what they thought was IBS for years. Last year I was diagnosed with Hashimotos (autoimmune thyroid disease) and was told the gluten was a trigger and to start eating gluten free. I was NOT happy! I can say now though that getting off gluten was the best thing EVER. They did a endoscopy this summer and my stomach and esophagus are now 100% healed and show no signs of previous damage. In November of last year I got this awful pressure/pain under my right rib cage and they very quickly diagnosed me with stones and a very aggravated gallbladder and took it out quickly. Instant relief!

    So, my advice, get the gallbladder checked and stop eating gluten. I would bet you money that you notice a great difference in the first week! The diet can be tricky at first but you get the hang of it quickly. Let me know if you need any help with it!

  • Thanks so much but I have gone gluten free and was ok with diet. Lost 13 pounds but no relief from stomach issues. Have hypothyroidism but not autoimmune. I can't have dairy anymore either. I still think gallbladder too. Thanks for your reply

  • ? Ask for a liver scan. I have a fatty liver. I get right upper quadrant pain and tenderness. Mine is NAFL non alcohol fatty liver.

  • Hi, I had pain exactly where you describe, had 2 years of tests with everything coming up normal - no gall stones etc. They found I was not making enough bile and my gall bladder was shaped wrong (Phrygian cap) I also had NAFL.

    Taken wheat and lactose out of my diet and having a low fat diet helped.

    Eventually had gall bladder out - (had to fight for this as doctors said wasnt cause) - instant relief!!

    I still get occasional pain over liver, just presume liver is inflamed. Nothing compared to prior.

    Follow your instints....

  • I will say straight away that often a Thyroid problem is missed, as usually only the TSH is done, it is not unusual to have a Thyroid problem or also to have Hashimotos, which causes a Thyroid problem, with an untreated thyroid this can cause gallbladder problems! You may need more scanning, and be aware that people with Thyroid problems and in particular Hashimotos, have a problem with gluten, my IBS disappeared as soon as I ditched that, I also take care with how much dairy I consume. Whatever the reason is you need more detailed investigation and scanning, including checks on your liver. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary. I think I mentioned in post that I am hypothyroid. Not hasimotos but gave up gluten and dairy about a year now. Do not understand why so much acid is destroying my esophagus. They are missing something. The pain is constant and doesn't go away. My thyroid numbers are good. I take synthetic hormone t3 and t4. I have gotten much help on health unlocked thyroid as well as APS SITE. am at wits end because medicine isn't getting rid of pain and acid. Thanks for your advice it's always good to hear from you.

  • Sometimes it is the other way around, too little stomach acid! I wonder if your Thyroid medication is suiting you, some do better on Natural Desiccated Thyroid preparations: I hope you get to the bottom of it. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary I've wondered the same thing.

  • Please go to your doctor as soon as possible!

    With good wishes,


  • Thanks for your concern. Being treated by doctors but nothing seems to be working.

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