Hi Update on My APS

Hi it's been an overwhelming 3-4 months! I don't get the pleasure of reading fb or this site, due to no time! I've been caring for my husbands aggressively moving bladder cancer! After 2nd surgery, he's had heart attack on 3/22/2017! Needless to say I've been busy! Thank The Good Lord my APS has been under control since I'm on Lovenox/Enexoparin shots! Although when I get run down it affects my teeth and today another scared extraction where 20 years ago my jaw was fractured due to a wisdom tooth! Well this tooth is on fracture line and I'm scared! Lol... it'll all be fine! My hubbys Alzheimer's liked in more from surgery and heart attack! Yes I fell thru the cracks against a NYC Famous hospital! Too bad, but I saved his life! I hope Y'all are well! I'll be getting gel shots in my knee, the stump I have left! Has anyone out there gotten Synvisc or ORTHOVISC shots in knee! Unfortunately I need this knee to be ok cuz I won't walk without it! My loss of weight and shrinking leg where it was removed, I now walk on bone and my leg people don't really know what to do for me! They did tell me I'm not like their other patients! With all the blisters and them remaking new leg they messed up on, they want to c the back of me! But they won't cuz my legs costs $15,000 each! I'm not about to give in to it yet! Make it right the first time, then they won't have to remake it! Lol... I'm just getting very tired of fighting for my health issues! Miss y'all! Hope my Swedish friend is good and Lynn, Mary, and The English Gentlemen! My memory fails me once again! 4give me! GODSPEED

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  • Nothing to forgive! Only thing hasn't happened is you getting kicked in the head as, they have already been kicking your a--. I was wondering where you were. Have they given you a stump sock, most times you have to be "fitted" for this, but it can make you a lot more comfortable. Glad to hear your on lovenox now, me too. So much better isn't it?

    Last I heard from you you were going to your car so you would have time for yourself to regroup. You speak of hubbies heart attack and surgery. I wasn't aware he also has Alzheimer's disease. How did the bladder surgery turn out? Is the cancer progressing? Sorry so many questions trying to catch up. Hugs to you my friend💕

  • Yes it's a very aggressive cancer! It went from early stage to stage 2 within 6 weeks! They say he has a 50/50 chance of survival! I had tooth extraction and now infection! I'm very mentally and physically exhausted! Trying to keep positive! When did you go on shots? Yes so much better! Love to u all! GODSPEED

  • Did you find out about the stump sock? Went on shots almost one month ago! So sorry to hear about your hubby🙏🏻

  • Hi Debb,

    I have been thinking of you! Good to hear from you as always.

    Stick to the Lovenox shots! I am ok as always.

    A big Hug to you from Stockholm and Kerstin. GODSPEED

  • Nice to have an update from you but I'm sorry to hear how poorly your hubby is. Sending lots of strength and love x

  • Ah Debbie - So sorry things have been rough but good on you for what your doing considering your own situation. Ive always said that distraction is the best way of not thinking about your own problems and you surely have plenty of those. Love to you both we are thinking of you xx

  • Debb, I pray things get better for you very soon. I have had the Synvisc shots in my knee and they did help for a while. It was a series of 3 shots, just a bit uncomfortable, more an intense feeling of pressure than pain and that quickly passed. Definitely worth trying. I am scared to get a knee replacement since my eye stroke happened after cataract surgery (provoked is the term they used). I lost a good deal of vision in that eye, so I don't want to do anything that would provoke something worse. My goal now is to remain upright.

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