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It's going on day 5-7 days of this migraine! Went to my friend and Cardiologist whom I use to work with at the heart hospital! I'm having somatic issues now too! He put me on steroids which usually help me immediately, but I chose not to say the dosage he gave me won't work! I tend not to tell docs how to treat me which is stupid! He was going to do a Doppler of my calf right away but he doesn't take my insurance and sees me for free! Therefore my Doppler wud have cost me lots! The calf pain feels like a blood clot as I've had many b4! So I'm taking my shots religiously now! My brain fog gets worse with Migraines! People yell at me Bd say I don't listen to what they're saying so I find when I'm STUPID like this it's better to stay away from ignorant people who just don't get it!!! I hate having no memory! I put things away never to be found again! I actually lost my extra stupid leg that I needed to be fitted for a swimming leg! Yes lol... How does one loose their leg! I wrapped it in a towel and put it in the linen closet! I knew I put it in linen closet, but had absolutely no memory of wrapping it in a towel! Then I took the leg and wrapped it again and moved it to a new place! No memory where! I didn't remember even wrapping it in a towel! I had my friends come and help me search the house and we found it! It's not only when I have a migraine it's everyday of my life and I spend most of my day looking for things or going out to buy new! Accept I couldn't afford 15 Thousand for a new leg! That old leg never fit and gave me nothing but trouble! They're starting to hate me at my prosthetic leg place cuz they never made me a good leg and they say it's my fault cuz I'm different and complicated! This will be leg number 3 or 4 and it's their mistake and still charge me for their mistake! To remake their mistak my insurance company gets charged ! That's why I pay so much cuz they bleed our system here!!! Sorry for ranting, but I do feel sorry for any doctor who gets me as a patient!!! Lol... GODSPEED

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  • Debbie you must try to relax more when you have these migraines as the tension will make them worse. If you do have a DVT then they could have done a D-Dimer blood test which would have indicated if you had one at least if you cant afford a scan. Please don't ignore it though because if you do have one it can turn into a PE - when part of the clot breaks off and travels to the lungs. Thats very very serious. If your shots are just controlling it then its possible that you may need an infusion of heparin to clear it so please do not hesitate to go bcd to that Dr friend of your especially if you get any shortness of breath.

    Thinking of you and hoping things improve.

  • Sounds like your on your case!! Speedy recovery xxx

  • Thx Holly, but not there yet! Breathing in is excruciating!!! GODSPEED

  • Debbie, you didnt mention you were having breathing difficulties - listen to Mary & APsnotfab, you need to go back to your doctor friend to find out why you are having difficulties.

  • Thank heavens for your good friends, get better soon. Also please be vigilant about your calf pain as it could become much worse and cause a more serious problem, get your friends to help you as much as possible please. MaryF

  • Hi

    I agree with my colleagues' advice.


  • ... well, I must say no one can ever accuse you of hosting a boring scavenger hunt! Lol!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh. I found my missing tooth brush in the freezer the other day. I must say, you get the prize, though! ( yep. I do the goofiest stuff when my INR is low, so don't feel like you are the only one- and the migraines hit... and that's when I clot. So don't forget the shots! Please be very careful. The last think you need is to flip a clot from your calf. )

    Maybe someone here needs to take turns posting to you and me:

    1. Deb- TAKE YOUR SHOT and don't hide your leg in the linen closet!

    2. Kelly- your tooth brush belongs in the bathroom- not in the freezer in the kitchen. Everyone else in the family would enjoy grabbing ice cream- not your toothbrush.


  • I did not realize you were having pain with breathing, Deb, or I would not have tried to made you smile. I would have encouraged you to go to Emergency room. I'm sure there is an installment plan for payment? Maybe consider it a Father's Day present...

  • When my INR goes below 3 my memery is awful. I have to ask each carer who visits me to write in my care report 'Remind Pam to take her Meds'. If that doesn't happen I'll have to find another way. But forgetting Meds means forgetting warfarin that is worse as then I also get more forgetful. I don't recognise people's faces (prosopagnosia) and worst is - it can be a member of my family i don't recognise. The other problem is the coming out of words that I'm not prepared to hear. Someone asked me once if I was ok at a meeting saying 'are you with us Pam?' and my response caused immense hilarity which I have never been allowed to forget when I replied 'I'm sorry my attraction is distended' instead of my attention was distracted! So embarrassing as there were 18 men and 2 women - 1 of which was me present!

    Hope I made you laugh? We all go through embarrassing times I just have to remember to be in control of putting my brain in gear before putting my mouth into action. But unfortunately that is one of the problems for me when INR is low

  • Hi Deb,

    Try if possible to keep your anticoagulation ok, as then your memory gets better and you do not do that stupid things that we all do from time to time! I like you Americans!



  • Maybe if you write a "to remember list" and put it on your refrigerator with "important things to remember", you can always go back to view it provided you can be persistent writing only important things there. If I concentrate on specific things such as: everyday I will look at post on refrigerator to remind myself of important things and tell myself this every night before I go to bed too, eventually it sticks. Just trying to help!

  • I also have my Meds in a trayear so I can pop one out and take it with me if I go out. That's not to say I will remember to take it at the right time. There are a couple of Meds I can't have in these such as warfarin or controlled drugs so have to take them separately. But at least it's a memory trigger. Good luck for the future

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