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Hi I had MRI of knee and throat and decided I couldn't afford to go back to DICS to get result! Don't think they liked that and wouldn't get on phone to talk to me! They're mailing me and my primary the reports! One nurse just said there was no change in my throat! So I'll take that as ok till I c the report myself! It's sad a doctor won't speak to u and let you decide ur own report! They need my money to speak!!! Very sad day in America to witness this!!! It's ok tho cause I'll decipher report better than they will!!! Just wanted to update y'all! When my report comes I may have a few questions! Lol...Hope Y'all are enjoying ur summer and feeling well! Godspeed!!!

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  • To Docs a typo sorry

  • You should be able to ask your doctor to send you a copy of the report. It sounds like what the nurse said to you is just the default answer. Do you still have your tonsils?

  • No hr them & ad kids removed! It's a certain part of my throat that's swollen and it obstructs my airway at times! At first I thought it was my asthma but rescue inhaler did nothing! Thx for ur reply!

  • Doctors do often seem to miss a goiter in the throat, as they are so welded to only using the TSH test for thyroid, a growing goiter will cause problem such as you describe including swollen glands at times. MaryF

  • Hi Deb,

    Who is taking care of you now? Your GP? I hope you will get a good report when you finally can read it.

    Good wishes from Kerstin

  • No still Hemotologist! I'm a bit under the weather the past week! Not myself at all! Last night I awoke at 3am with severe stomach pains! I must call stomach doc on Monday! Still have pain, but less severe! I had blockage last July and needed emergency surgery last July! I'm having much neede work on my house Monday! It's a lot I have to do on my own! Lifting and all! Since I had bad fall down stairs outside on concrete garde bricks my back is very painful! I tried to hire someone to help me when crew comes to work, but no luck yet! I'm going to c today if I can find someone to help! I feel very alone in this world! I'm always the first to offer my help or services to the world and here I sit very alone! It's a sad thing and a rude awakening! I don't want to be around anyone! I'm polite when I am tho! My blood sugar is playing tricks on me lately! It drops very low! Very often! I e started eating small more frequent meals and this seems to help! I'm very cranky and on edge! I'm always tired and must nap, & I seem to have no patience for anyone or anything! I don't have diabetes, but my sister and I both suffer from hypoglycemia! My mom and grandma had diabetes! I have appointments with a few doctors after my home construction! I need my foundation fixed! It's an old house and have put off foundation work long enough! We have cracks that need to be filled with cement! It's a big job and I e been doing too much to prepare and clear out my basement on my own! I just can't do it! I had to STOP! My back was way too painful! Have a good day my dear Kerstin! I'm sorry I just needed to talk! I'm very happy to have you to talk to! Thanks in advance for any advice! My tummy is in such pain! Hope intestines not starting to twist again! I've already had 6 stomach operations and refuse another! I'll put it in Gods hands this time! Godspeed

  • Hi Deb,

    Of course you should talk! As long as I understand and I did. First of all I think you are more valuable than an old house.

    I think you are a strong woman as you had been driving a lot of miles the other week (was it?). Try to take it easy!!! I know it is not easy.

    My eldest daugher has type 1 diabetes. She was 18 when she got it and now she is 41. My ex husband has type 2 diabetes though.

    Keep well!!


  • I feel your pain. Have had 6 back surgeries and now chronic pain. It does make you cranky and takes too much energy to be around people sometimes. My stomach has been hurting also for about 3 weeks. It feels hard. But if I go to Gastro. they just want to run tests. Sick of no answers. Do take care of yourself and try to trust in God.

  • Yes so sik of no answers and our docs in USA & our healtcare system! ! I'm just an unhappy camper w/o answers! Very tired! Yes Kerstin I must take it easy! The house will b here long after m gone!!! Lol...

  • Ouch. Falling downstairs is never a good thing. I have fallen down my stairs at home quite a few times. I need to learn that while my feet are numb, not to take those trips. At least mine are carpeted. Hope you are a ok

  • Thx for ur responses! I'm in pain & must go back to c orthopedic surgeon! Have fluid, cyst, torn medial miniscus, & part of bone is exposed inside & coming to point, which is irritating my knee!!! Good Luck with all ur endeavors! Godspeed!!!

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