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Update on Surgery

Hi everyone! Hope Y'All r doing well! I had my throats surgery yesterday! All went well! Now I just must wait to c why one side of my throat swollen? I have trouble swallowing and at one point it was so swollen my airway was compromised! I thought it was from Sjogrens because it says u can have trouble swallowing! We shall c! Plus I had 2 nodules on my vocal cords removed! It was 2 surgeries in one! Very painful, but this too shall pass!!! The hardest part for me is not talking for 4 days!!!! For my chatter box self , this proves to be most difficult! I decided to lock myself in my room and catch up on my TV show I have taped! My cats keep me company!!! Lol... Plus I walk around with pen and paper!!! Lol... GODSPEED!!!

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Thanks for the update and good luck.



Good for you, presumably they checked you thyroid for swellings also, remember the TSH test which patients are told is all that is needed is very unreliable. These are the ones I do and pay for out of my own near empty pocket! thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

Well done with your progress. MaryF


Mary my sister swears I have thyroid problems! I got all the symptoms, but tests negative! My throat is swollen most of time! Can't swallow, airway obstruction, but had surgery on throat doc said from my autoimmune diseases! Not sure what that means?


I know I drone on like a cracked record, but if your consultant has only done this test - TSH, then not enough has been looked at, as that test is unreliable, these are the ones you need to do: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin... I do mine privately, and pay for them, which is very annoying but it proved my point with the useless TSH test. Also a regular quote from Professor Hughes himself, the trio of disease is often Hughes Syndrome, Sjogrens and a Thyroid problem. MaryF

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Yes had t3 & t4! But Lynn said something about Hasimotos! I also hav TA, but expected that cuz I had JRA AS A CHILD! They did say I've probably have had this my whole life!!!


Hi Deb,

Well done! Are you still on Clexane or was it Lovenox that you liked so much?

Tanks for the news. Much appreciated because I thought of you and of Jet (Jim) also. You were both of you operated yesterday.

Keep on and be well!



Glad to hear thiid. Take care.


Great news ...best wishes


Glad to hear things went well for you - now let see a speed recovery ,you deserve it :-)


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