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Just curious about vitamins!

Hi All, especially Mary! I was low in Vit D, B12 and Magnesium! I've been feeling pretty bad for weeks! About a week ago I started on regiment of those vitamins! On 7th day I got some energy and went out for first time in weeks! Do u think it could've worked that fast! I tend not to think so, but I guess it don't matter cuz other than the pain, I'm good somewhat! I must start Plaquinil now! I felt too weak b4 this in case of side effects! Thx and hope ur all doing well!

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Yeah, treating a vitamin deficiency can help you feel more energetic within a matter of weeks – sometimes days! Glad to read you're feeling better.

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Thx Gina! Not good today! My sis want me to b tested for Lymes! I have excess sweating and weakness ! Can't get up today! Had great day yesterday! Just too much pain! Can't deal like this everyday! Hope I can DX myself again cuz they all PASS THE BUCK! My Hemo said go to Neurolgist!!! Yes and waste my time and money! Lol... Thx for ur response GODSPEED


Well it is summer, a hot one, and you do live in an area where Lyme disease is endemic. So yeah my unqualified opinion is you should get tested for that.


I am glad these deficiencies have shown up, and if you need to add anything else in, always check with your main consultant and some supplements can cause a reaction with medication. Vitamin D should sit at around 75! MaryF


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