Hi about 3 weeks ago I think AnnNY Wrote a post about Criteria for APS in HSS IN NEW YORK USA! I was curious to c that again because someone on here is going and may like to see the post again! Not sure if it was Gina or AnnNY so I'm not sure how to find that post or tell Wittijet how to c it! It was very informative and wud love to cut again! Thank you for this!

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  • Hi there, do you remember roughly how long ago the post was written to help me search and put it under here for you???? MaryF x

  • I think it was AnnNY and about 3-4 weeks ago o less! It may have been Gina from USA, Virginia

  • Was it this post:


  • No it was a few weeks ago and listed the criteria for HSS and APs

  • I think it might have been this one:

    If its not Ill remove the link, please let me know?

  • No so sorry I didn't mean to cause anyone on a Sunday to go thru thes! I apologize! It's driving me crazy cuz it was an amazingly informative about APS IN USA!

  • Ok...Try this one then:

  • This is the article! Thanks and thanks to AnnNY For writing this post! Very informative!

  • Thanks ladies for your time and energies to locate this. Will read it as soon as I get up tomorrow. I greatly appreciate your efforts, thank you again, Cindy

  • Great it was a team effort between Mary, APSNOTSOFAB, & Myself! I cud not have done it without them! Good Luck!!! So glad ur going to NJ!!! Be safe in your travels!

  • Sorry. I probably could have found it faster, but I'm just checking in.

    Hope it's helpful. And thanks for finding it.

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