Good news about DLA !

I received a letter today about DLA saying that I had been awarded higher mobility rate and middle rate care for 2 years initially. I'm over the moon about this, especially as I had read on this site and the lupus site about others having to appeal etc, and I really wasn't expecting anything positive back.

Luckily all the info sent with the application about being given ill health retirement from work which included reports from occupational health, my Gp, rheumatologist and neuropsychologist, seems to have done the trick!! All sorted in 6 weeks too !!

Don't give up with your applications peeps!

Hope everyone is having a better day today x

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  • Well done Jane, great news.

    Best wishes.


  • Well done. Mary F x

  • Great news. Sarahx

  • So happy for you.

  • Well done. That must be such a relief

  • Good. God I've been turned down starting in October now waiting for tribunal date not happen but mines probably coz I'm only 26 and still working (only coz I have to)

  • Do you suffer from lupus or APS as I have APS and have been ill health retired from 2 jobs and I'm only 33. I haven't seen a haematologist for about 7 years which I think is negligible and cruel. Some days I'm in so much pain I cry,I don't know if my APS is getting worse because of the severity of my pain. I'm happy you got a good conclusion. :)

  • Thanks Brian. I have Aps and lupus. Do you see a rheumatologist? Hope you can get something sorted for hour pain. Take care x

  • I am thinking applying for it as I am begining to struggle with things.

  • Go for it Karen. Just make sure you have plenty of evidence and the support of a couple of professionals. Good luck x

  • Thanks everyone for your good wishes x

  • Well done, I've been to 3 tribunals and won all three and I still work. The more of us that fight this the better the condition is understood,

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