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INR Finally STABELIZING & Need Info about VITAMIN B12

Hi Friends! It's been a while and I hope Y'all are doing well! A few weeks ago I finally STABELIZED on my Warrfarin numbers at 4.3. Just before I went away I was retested and was 5.5, I was shocked because I felt great, had no black & blue marks , and was energetic! Doc said too hi and lowers my dosage! I just got back and will get retested again! Hopefully in the 4 range! I was also finally tested for Vitamin B 12 and my Doc said that was in normal range! My sister Lynn disagrees and wants me to take vitamin B12 vitamins! I will do that because my sis researches everything b4 taking anything! Lynn my sister is at a level of 1000 for B12! On the hi end of normal! She sends away for certain B12 vitamins and I will too! Just would like to hear what Y'all think! I know Mary always tells us to have our thyroid and B12 checked! Thx in advance for any advice you may relate to me! God cables Y'all and hope you're all having a HEALTHY & HAPPY SUMMER!!!

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That's God Bless Y'all, not Cable Y'all! It's a typo & I forgot how to edit! Sorry!


Firstly, check with your main consultant to make sure there are no contraindications with taking B12 with your Warfarin, secondly the NHS guidelines in my own opinions are a bit low. If you take bog standard B12 orally, it is destroyed by the gut before it even does any good, so, for myself, (and remember I am not on Warfarin). I take sublingual liquid B12 and B Complex under the tongue, from a highly recommended high street health food shop. However sometimes it is a good idea to think about consulting a decent nutritionist who can tell you more. Bottom line, check in with your main doctors, before you take any new drug or supplement alongside your existing medication. if they feel your level is good, they will not suggest you have B12 injections however it is a grey area and the sublingual stuff is a good half way point.



Hi Debbie even if your blood test for B12 came back "normal" for some odd and unknown reason we need a lot of the stuff. Ask your doctor again. I get once a month an injection and also take folic acid on the advise of my doctor. Good luck Hedwig or Heidi for the ones who struggle with my name!


Hi Debbie,

So very glad to hear from you and that your INR-levels are better and that you feel good when it is rather high.

Try to stay there around 4.0.

Best wishes and God Bless from Kerstin


Your sister seems to have good knowledge of B12 and I agree with her but as Mary says you must check that it's ok to take anything with your Doc because we don't know your full list of meds. I personally have the injections from mine and now my hubby has them too which I do for him. Unfortunately the B12 range is a bit low and many Dr's won't budge from it which makes it difficult to persuade them to supplement patients. I always suggest you barter by asking for a "trial", that way they don't feel so pressurised!


Hi all my friends! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you! There has been crazy times here in USA! The Louisiana, Minesota & Dallas, Texas shootings! Thank you for your responses! They're greatly appreciated! Godspeed to Y'All!!!


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