Worried about pregnancy and positive Lupus Anticoagulant

Hi all - I haven't posted for a while, but today I read a new article about a study that confirmed those of us with a positive Lupus Anticoagulant are more likely to have adverse pregnancy outcomes. This was even more true of those who have had a thrombotic event in the past or positive antibodies on all three APS tests. Very quickly - I have positive LAC but negative on the other two. I had a stillborn daughter in 2014 and PE a week later. My husband and I had just decided that we are ready to try again (i am on long term rivaroxaban but have a prescription for heparin injections twice daily and aspirin if I become pregnant). Does anyone know if the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes is still higher for LAC positive ladies if they are anticoagulated during pregnancy? Thanks all.

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  • Your outcome will be very different indeed positively speaking if you are under the right consultant and on the correct medication, please seek advice as soon as possible and make sure they look at the whole picture. Best of luck with your new plans. MaryF

  • Hi there, I am positive for Lupus Anticoagulant also but not the other two. I had a stillbirth in 2012 and then 2 miscarriages. I've had other very mild symptoms such as visual disturbance and thrombophlebitis and take a daily low dose aspirin now. I took heparin as soon as I fell pregnant with my daughter (at 4 weeks or even before) and had a normal pregnancy and she was born at 37.5 weeks via c section and a normal weight. I did have great obstetric care and I also saw a heamotologist during the pregnancy. I had a special scan at 22 weeks to check the blood flow into and through the uterus. Plus extra growth scans. It is possible!

  • I don't know about the LAC, but wanted to share about medicine options while pregnant since a previous post seems to be helping me.

    We found the APS after a loss at 22 weeks. We tried the aspirin and lovenox 40 MG twice daily and lost another baby at 21 weeks due to the placenta clotting. After a surprise pregnancy the doctors having upped my lovenox to 60mg twice daily, baby aspirin, and plaquenil. There was a post on here last year around January about plaquenil so I brought the study to my doc and he was willing to try it. We are now 25 weeks pregnant, but the baby appears to still be growing this time. Although she's small she keeps showing growth so we are praying for a miracle.

    I wanted to pass on the info about the higher dose of lovenox and plaquenil since the doctors are not always as familiar with aps. I wish you the best as you try again!

  • From the studies I have read. There is still success if you only have lupus anticoagulant antibodies but it's around 70% whereas the other antibodies are 75-80%. I keep trying to tell myself that the 70% with heparin and aspirin is so much better than the chance I had last time without treatment of 10%. I suppose the odds are in our favour with treatment. Fingers crossed.

  • Thank you both so much for your encouragement. This is a really wonderful support network.

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