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Pregnant and lupus anticoagulant positive need advise please ??


Hi, I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and suffered recurrent miscarriages last year when they finally tested me I have tested positive for lupus anticoagulant only. I am currently taking 75mg daily and 40mg clexane. Has anyone out there been through a successful pregnancy while on this treatment and does the dosage I'm taking sound ok? How will they know if my blood is ok ? And what other checks should they be doing during my pregnancy? I would be really grateful if you could advise me, I really want to protect my baby but as this is new to me I need to be asking the doctors the right questions to make sure I get the best care. First scan booked for 30th May. Also can you inject above belly button area or does it have to be below the belly button ? X

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Hi Lisa. I had recurrent miscarriage and trouble conceiving before my diagnosis. I finally conceived with IVF but had uterine clots during the first half of my pregnancy. My positive APS diagnosis came at 20 weeks with routine blood work and from that point I started low dose aspirin therapy. The pregnancy progressed as normal, although labeled high risk. We did fine until about 35 weeks, when my placenta stopped working properly (discovered by ultrasound). I was placed on bed rest for a week and then induced. I now have a healthy son (he turned 10 last week)!

I know that doesn't answer all your questions as I was not on clexane, but hopefully it gives you some reassurance.

Stay positive and take care!

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Hi thank you for the reply I am also taking 75mg asprin it was good to hear that your pregnancy progressed to 35 weeks I've been struggling to get past 7 weeks. Thanks again staying positive is easier said than done although I'll try :-) x

Eight weeks was my struggling point...even with my son. They would ultrasound twice a week to make sure a clot didn't shake him loose. I was a nervous wreck! I know it's impossible to stay calm! Anytime I had a weird sensation or bleeding...ultrasound. I probably had 40 of them. I have pictures of that child from when he was the size of a sesame seed! I don't know if your physicians will do that, but it doesn't hurt to ask. And remember, now they are aware of your risks and you're getting treatment!

I'm sending positive thoughts your way! If you need anything, feel free to message me!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and on getting a diagnosis.

The medication and dose you are on sounds fairly standard for a pregnancy with APLS. They will hopefully keep a close eye on you and likely do more scans than for a 'normal' pregnancy.

Its quite normal to feel scared, worried, apprehensive, joyous, terrified or anything in between.

I had a healthy bub on the same treatment after several miscarriages and he is now 9 years old ....I worried every single day of the pregnancy and even after.

In regards blood testing they probably won't test for blood 'thinness" but will do all the other blood tests they would normally do for pregnancy ... i can't remember now if they did extra or not.

Heparin and aspirin work differently to warfarin.and INR is not relevant.

If you click on my name you should see a link to our pregnancy support group and you are most welcome to join us there as well.

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Thank you I will join x


I also wanted to share my success stories. I lost my first son the day after he born (by crash c-section due to clotting in the placenta) and then twin girls before being diagnosed with APS. After the diagnosis I took daily baby aspirin and gave myself lovenox injections. I now have a healthy 4 and 7 year old at home with me. Hoping that the rest of your pregnancy flies by uneventfully and before you know it you are holding your healthy crying baby safely in your arms!

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Thank u x


Well done, and good news, and keep asking the questions, it sounds like your team knows what they are doing. Best wishes, and please keep us posted or asking further questions to fine tune. MaryF x

Know this thread is very old but thought I'd share my story. After having my son over 6 years ago no problems I thought it was just bad luck that we lost 5 babies on the trot from 8-14 weeks. No one professionally offered tests and wasn't until I read a similar thread that mentioned they were put on asprin

and progesterone that I pushed for some from my doctor when I found out I was pregnant again. At 16 weeks I had tests don't to confirm I tested positive for lc. Thanks to taking the asprin daily until the day before my planned csection and progesterone until 15 weeks I would have my 7 month old now. There is hope!! Xx

Thank you for posting! I'm in this situation now. It was nice to read something a little more recent :)

My daughter has APS. She lost her baby, Piper, from her first pregnancy at 23 weeks. Her APS was found after that. She is now 8 1/2 weeks into her second pregnancy. Her Lupus Anticoagulant levels, according to the dr, are the second highest he's seen in 30 years. She is on 2 shots a day of the blood thinners and he has her on a cholesterol medication that has been in studies for a few years and proven to help postpone preeclampsia. I'm hoping the pill is our saving grace. Has anyone been on a cholesterol medication for this reason?

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As I read this today I can see you are answering a 3 year old question. 

I suggest that you pur your own new question on our site with your question. That way you will have more answers as more people read a question.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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