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After c section

I would like to announce that my baby girl was born healthy 3 weeks ago and she is so amazing. I am so happy about her but Imy blood tests became worst than it were in my pregnancy s.

APTT is now 48 sec and it was between 27-33 and Lupus Ac it is 100 sec and it was between 33-52 sec. Also I have high fibrinogen 9 and normal is between 2-4.

Please share your experience after your delivery... What therapy and how long did you take?

I am on clexane 40 and I am going to do another blood tests this friday to check again.

Thank you in advance

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Hello, I am so pleased to hear your fantastic news, best wishes to you and your family. Also you may have noticed that we now have a new person on the forum from Macedonia, there post is on here now, but to make it easy for you here it is:

With all my children I was on Fragmin injected daily for up to 8 weeks after the birth.




Thank you for sharing your great news with us.



Congratulations. Lovely news. Enjoy every moment. I was on heparin injections for 6 weeks after my c section. I had no more blood tests so I have no idea what my clotting time was. I was just signed off and told I was not high risk. I take low dose aspirin daily as a precaution. You must seek proper medical advice to your individual case.


Congratulations what wonderful news :) I didn't have any tests after natural birth but was put on fragmin for 6 weeks. They sound like they are on the ball with the blood tests and I am sure they will advise if the tests continue to be worse. Enjoy every minute xxx


Congratulations ...what a blessing. So happy for your family


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