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Possible APS, on Xarelto

I had one positive blood test and am awaiting to test again in 3 months. I have pe's in both lungs currently which lead to the blood tests. My question is this: Is Xarelto okay to take? I don't see anyone else mention it? My doctor says it is fine. I am walking around not knowing if my blood levels are good or not because you don't have to do any blood tests when on Xarelto.

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Hi, you are not the only one on this drug, also known as Rivaroxaban. Where are you located? This will help us to help you. Please also become familiar with the charity website.

This carries great information. I am sure other members will be in touch with you. MaryF


I am in Nebraska.


Hi, you may find some useful contacts on here,



Hi and welcome.

I agree with what Mary has advised you.



There are APS specialists listed on the following sites:

Stop the Clot

APS Awareness USA



Thank you for these links. We are moving to Boise, Idaho and I was just starting to look for a PCP and a hematologist that specifically understands APS. The Stop the Clot web site had a search engine to find a Doc. There is ONE in the area where we will live. And now I know her name and can ask for a referral to her once I get established. Thanks again.




I have just started xarelto (rivaroxaban) last thursday. Just feel tired which is not unusual - and headaches which again is not unusual. Back to see specialist at end of April...for me anything is preferable to injections ' stomach bruises not gone yet!! Warfarin wasn't good as I re clotted after 7 weeks

hope you get on ok



Thank you for the post. It is good to hear that others are experiencing the same things. I too have fatigue and headaches.


Learn what you can about blood thinners. I was given the option of three different ones, nut chose warfarin because there are antidotes... you get cut accidentally they can give it to you to stop bleeding. A lot of people take the other two. Just educate yourself as to make the right decision for yourself. It was more important to me to be able to counter act the warfarin if needed, than not to have to get regular blood tests.


I was prescribed Xarelto last week. The Hemo explained the risks and benefits .. Although there is no antidote at present I believe there is one in development. I did badly on warfarin so hope Xarelto suits me better.


Hi: I am on warfarin and have APS. I recently was asked by my pharmacist why I wasn't on xeralto and I was surprised that my insurance covers it so I asked my internist who said she'd check for me to see what a colleague said. She talked to a hematologist who said no because there is not enough research here in the US. My neurologist told her no also because there was not enough research in stroke victims and I've had a stroke. My rheumatologist said "go for it." My internist took everything into consideration and felt it was not a good option for me with hx of stroke and APS. Also, she said there is no antidote if bleeding occurs soooo back to monitoring my diet and getting regular blood tests. I think your doctors have to feel that it's right for you taking your health and history into consideration. Wishing you well.


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