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Before and after c section

Hi all of you .. I am curently 35 week with positive lupus anticoagulant and I am on clexane 20mg + 40 mg.

I decided to have c section this time because I dont feel strong enough to have induction after my stillbirth. My doctor sceduled my c section on the first day of 36 week and not to wait 37 week, he thinks that it will be fine my baby .

I want to ask if there is anybody have a healthy baby born before full term ?

And I am also asking about your tretmant after birth ? For how long you take anticoagulation therapy ?

Thankk you in advance and thank you for you support until now.

I had a lot of advices from you and feeling much strong reading your experience .

I hope I will write here soon about positive news for my baby..

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You are nearly there. A baby born at 36 weeks will be fine. My baby Ellie was born at 37 weeks and she had the highest Apgar scores (how they are at birth). Just relax and looking forward to hearing the good news. I was on heparin after the pregnancy for 6 weeks. All the best x


thank you *


Hi, everybody is different, but loads of women have been through what you about to embark on, some more than once. It is crucial that you ring up and make some time to talk this through with the clinical lead for your care at this time. Take your partner with you. They will give a full and frank plan for now, during and after. MaryF


Hi there! I also have APS with the positive lupus anticoagulant. Both of my 2 babies were born at 27 + 1 weeks and 33 + 4 weeks. Although they did have a stay in hospital (27 week born girl stayed in hospital for 13 weeks) they are both very happy and healthy now with no major signs they were premmie. My 33 week born son did not require any speech therapy, occupational therapy or physiotherapy to reach his milestones (unlike his sister). Daughter does have some slight low tone in her muscles but that's it. I had to remain on the Clexane injections for 6 weeks after C-section birth. Good luck and congratulations on reaching 35 weeks!


Thank you for you replay Ema..

Did you take some kind of therapy after those 6 weeks?

I am not sure if LA positive means that i am only in risk during my pregnancy


Hi There my son was born at exactly 36 weeks. He is now a bright happy 14yo who stands 176cm. Fortunately my APS didn't show up until after my pregnancy so I can't comment. But sending happy well wishes your way


Congratulations for your son . Thank you for your replay


Hi Glassart,

After my 6 weeks of clexane finished after my son's birth in 2011, I was advised by my doctor that I did not need to go on any further medication. I have been having 6 monthly checks with her ever since however, recently (over the last year and a half) I have noted more symptoms. I have commenced a trial of 100mg aspirin a day with support from my GP (and am feeling much better) and will review this with my specialist in March. The symptoms I noticed were; pins and needles in my fingers at different times, severe lethargy, no energy, periods of double vision, episodes of room spinning/dizziness and headaches. So keep an eye and note down anything unusual you experience as I dismissed above symptoms too often. Take care and rest up! :-)


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