symptoms worse since having a baby, is this normal?


I was just wondering if any ladies had experience worse symtoms after having a child, I appreciate migraines and exhaustion comes hand in hand with parenthood, but 5 months on I am still suffering extreme tiredness and migraines at least 3 times a week.

Took clexane and aspirin in pregnancy and since been told I just need the aspirin, wondering if really i might need more anticoags?

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  • Hi there, all autoimmune conditions tend to flare after pregnancy, I certainly had this, really big ones afterwards and then some settling down. I think Lupus is very naughty with this, and certainly sjogrens and hughes, indeed everything I have, seemed to go mad a few weeks afterwards and take a while to settle down. Some people also have flares during pregnancy. I am sure lots of people on here will have experienced this also. Mary F x

  • Hi- Im 16 months on and unfortunately still having flare ups, I know tiredness makes things seem worse and unfortunately tieredness is a problem with little ones, but ive noticed it seems to be taking my body a lot longer to get back to normal (or normal for me!!) My hair still falls out at the roots and extreme tiredness - i have to nap when he does or i cant get through the day, pain is a lot worse after this pregnancy,so dont worry your not alone xx

  • yes definitely worse now. I had the worst migraine of my life 6 weeks after baby- lost feeling down right side of body, had visual disturbances and couldnt string a sentence together!

  • I am hoping to try for a baby and wanted to know if ones migraines get worse afterwards and stay like that? I currently do not suffer from migraines and this worries me. Does one after a pregnancy activate the APS symptoms even more?

  • I'm afraid that has definitely been the case with me, but Ive got a healthy baby who I adore & I wouldn't have it any other way. I didn't have many symptoms before but now I do I'm being referred to a specialist.

  • I'm sorry to hear this, are you able to look after your baby and go to work with the symptoms? Do specialist call it a flare up that will settle down?

  • See reply below

  • Don't be sorry, I'm the happiest I've ever been :) I don't think I'll go back to work. I can look after my baby but i was very weak after migraine & it took 6weeks for me to feel better. I was careful when I picked her up & put her down. I used a baby carrier when my arm & wrist were particularly weak- you just make do. Not sure about whether its a flare or whether the hormones actived something. I have seen a haemo who is referring me to an APS specialist & a neurologist.

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