Gluten free foods...anyone experienced feeling better on a gluten free diet?

We've recently tried baking etc with gluten free flours and after hearing stories from some patients with SLE and Hughes Syndrome (like myself), I was wondering whether to cut out all wheat and gluten products? Has anyone tried a gluten free diet and if so, what were the effects ( positive & negative) please?

Many thanks.

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  • I've been gluten free since May last year and feel a lot better. A lot of the fog has lifted, feel less depressed, have lost a lot of weight. Originally I had less headaches for a while but they returned. Less abdominal issues. I'll never go back to eating gluten. I only need a crumb or less and I react now.

  • Hi, I have been strictly so for two years now. What it does is if you take the time to do it carefully and completely avoid it, is it takes a layer of irritation out of the equation. I find it simple and would never go back to gluten. I have no bloating any more, less brain fog, and less soreness in my joints and I stopped my allergy which was extreme sneezing lasting up to 2-3 days, by 85 percent I would say! Most people who say it makes no difference normally give up too early, (as sometimes you feel worse at the beginning), or they think it does not matter to have a bit. I am afraid it is a case of all or nothing with gluten. I also no longer get stomach upsets on a regular basis. MaryF

  • It's gluten free for me! Definitely worth doing and sticking to, on the basis of my own experience.

  • Yes and also lactose free too!

  • I went gluten free and not only did my mild but escalating tummy problems vanish, all my APS blood work went, within 6 months, from positive and strongly positive, to negative or borderline positive. AND I was, for the first time since I was 4 years or, no longer anemic!

  • Hi Buddy -- sorry i have so lax -- cal when you can --- Casy & i

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  • I feel so much better without gluten in my diet, i blow up like a balloon if i consume any form of gluten & immediately get a fuzzy head.

    The best bread i have found is genius, i find if i can buy it quitec fresh & freeze it i can just defrost what i need. I recently went to a cafe in the Cotswolds where they baked all sorts of gluten free cakes........not only had they risen to perfection they tasted good too......i had two slices of lemon drizzle cake. :-) Jillymo

  • If i took all that out of my diet -- I would be on water only :-( :-( :-(

  • Not gluten free but have left out all white bread / pasta, etc because it simply makes me feel so bad - just like others have said: wiped out tired and bloated.

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